Verifly Allows Pilots to Insure Their Drones on the Fly

Pun intended.

byMarco Margaritoff|
Verifly Allows Pilots to Insure Their Drones on the Fly

Verifly offers a service that many recreational and commercial drone users may be interested in—on-demand insurance for your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). According to Verifly, they are the first-ever smartphone app to provide this kind of service. Naturally, there are both iOS and Android versions available, so you wouldn't miss out on this simply due to your cell phone preference. 

Founded by CEO Jay Bregman and CTO Eugene Hertz, Verifly is a pretty young company. It was founded last year, and seems to slowly but surely be gaining traction with users. They pitch it as "Drone Insurance in Two Taps," providing you with an insurance quote in accordance to their geospatial mapping which assesses your location and analyzes the insurance risk. This will give you third-party liability insurance within seconds, all through simple use of your phone.

How does it work? According to their press release, it'll cost you $10 per hour to insure your drone, whether you do it before taking off or in mid-air. In addition, Verifly will let you know of any relevant real-time conditions regarding weather and potential flight risks. 

Let's have a look at some of the in-app UI to get a clearer sense of what to expect once you download the app.

Here's your Certificate of Insurance, Verifly Inc.
Success! Here's the amount you're covered for, as well as your time-frame., Verifly Inc.
Your recent outings, compiled into a simple history., Verifly Inc.
Once Verifly has detected your location, you're free to 'Get Insured.', Verifly Inc.

The press release claims that the app can offer you $1,000,000 in liability coverage, while reaching up to $10,000 in Invasion of Privacy coverage. They make it a point to reiterate that Verifly is the "easiest, cheapest, and most flexible drone insurance offering available today," and all things considered, that seems both accurate and impressive. The really great part of all this is that you don't have to sign up for a monthly or yearly service; you pay for insurance per individual flight, not for a set amount of time. It's $10 per hour, and that's it.