TRNDlabs’ SKEYE Pico Drone Is Tiny, Inexpensive Fun

It’s a really inexpensive, versatile little UAV.

byMarco Margaritoff|
TRNDlabs’ SKEYE Pico Drone Is Tiny, Inexpensive Fun


The SKEYE Pico Drone is the smallest unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the world, according to TRNDlabs, and you can get one for only $39.99. This little guy can take off from the tip of your finger and is only .87 inches by .87 inches big. The Pico only weighs 7 grams. So you can keep this drone in with you no matter where you go. This drone uses ready-to-fly (RTF) technology, which means you can fly this thing as soon as you toss it in the air.

According to TRNDlabs, the remote control for the Pico lets you choose between beginner, mid-level and expert levels. That means it doesn't matter if you've never flown, or if you're an expert—you can pass this thing around and let any one of your friends take it for a spin, regardless of experience. This is a six-axis drone, which means you can roll it, flip it, hover in the air or aerial dive your heart out. Pretty nifty for a UAV this tiny. Regarding the Pico's portability—it clicks right into the remote control, making it harder to lose with a size as small as this. Check it out for yourself below, courtesy of TRNDlabs.

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Here you can really see what this thing can do. It zips around small spaces, inside of an office, flips, rolls, and lands right back on the desk. For a price as low as forty bucks, this seems like some pretty exhilarating, inexpensive fun to be had. This may be a perfect gift for one of your non-drone-owning friends, and could even crack the door open to them becoming UAV enthusiasts. For forty dollars, it's worth a try! 

What's included? Well, according to TheTechNews, the Pico Drone comes with four additional rotor blades, in case you run into some collision damage. It's also fitted with LED lights so you can zip around in the dark! Besides that, there's the remote control and the drone itself. That's pretty much all you need, and it's a really good deal for the price.