Detroit Fire Department Warns Kids: Don't Throw Fireworks into Abandoned Cars

Though it does sound like fun. 


Inclosed spaces and accelerants (like gasoline) can turn a small firework into a significantly larger explosion. You are able to obtain such an explosion by throwing a firework into an abandoned car with a little gas left in the tank. Over time leaks occur in the vehicle, gas vapors build in the car and the explosion is greatly increased. 

This was all explained by Detroit Fire Department at Engine 27's annual firework safety demonstration this past week. The demonstration is done just before 4th of July to show how dangerous "illegal" fireworks can be when thrown into an enclosed area like an abandoned car. Unfortunately, the demonstration did not include an old car, rather Detroit Fire Captain Christopher Dixon used a five gallon water jug. That being said, the effects are still the same and very explosive.

The best way we can prevent little Timmy from blowing his hand of is by explaining exothermic chemistry and explosive physics. Fireworks are obviously a large part of the 4th of July but they need to be handled with extreme care and by trained professionals (not little Timmy).