Ford to Host Fireworks Show in Detroit for July 4

Ford will be celebrating Independence Day early with a high dose of octane, music, and military planes.

byChris Constantine| PUBLISHED Jun 23, 2017 10:28 AM
Ford to Host Fireworks Show in Detroit for July 4

July 4th is fast approaching and apparently, there's no better car company to celebrate it than with Ford Motor Company—especially if you live in Detroit.

Although Ford has been hard at work on its cars for the 2018 model year, it is also trying to rebuild the place it calls home: Detroit. The Michigan-based car company knows that the Motor City needs help and Ford is deploying a variety of treatments to get it back on its feet. So far, Ford has invested thousands of dollars in scholarships and projects for the next generation of automotive enthusiasts in Michigan. Now, the company is shifting from work to play, presenting a massive patriotic festival right before Independence Day.

Ford announced Thursday that it will organize and host a large fireworks show along the Detroit waterfront on June 26. The event celebrates Detroit's successes and growth over the past decade, highlighting the city's drive for improvement and innovation. Although the fireworks show is the main attraction, it isn't the only reason to go; Ford has organized seven other festive activities for the day. 

The primary event is L.I.T.E. Fest, which invites 2,000 students to a celebration of Ford's commitment to education. Hip hop artist and Detroit resident Big Sean will honor and perform for the guests at West Riverfront Park; this location is also a prime viewing spot for the fireworks show.

The company will also honor veterans and military personnel at the Port Authority Building as part of the Ford Focus on Freedom activity. This event will also include a flyover consisting of World War II bombers and other vintage warplanes. 

The festivities will consist of live music and entertainment, as well as free admission to Belle Isle Park for lucky participants.

Ford hopes that this freedom festival will help put Detroit back on top as one of America's most treasured cities.