Ford Focus RS Will Get Limited-Slip Differential Option in Europe

Just like the Limited Edition, Europe’s (much less cool sounding) ‘Option Pack’ includes a limited-slip diff up front.

byChris Tsui|
Ford News photo

Ford announced the Limited Edition Focus RS today, which is set to include a limited-slip differential between the front wheels in addition to some blacked-out exterior pieces and a new Race Red paint option. That car, as its name suggests, will be limited to only 1500 units—500 of which are headed to the great white north. For prospective RS owners in Europe hoping to get in on the LSD action, don't fret: An upcoming options package that mimics the equipment found in the Limited Edition is coming.

In a blog post from Ford Europe, the accurately named "Option Pack" for the Focus RS is now available for order and comes with a limited-slip diff up front. "The system redirects power from a front wheel that is slipping to the wheel with a tighter grip on the road surface, making it even more responsive and able to carry speed through corners," writes Ford. 

Cosmetically, the Option Pack adds a matte-black roof, mirrors, and spoiler, as well as racing seats with bright-blue leather inserts. This is similar to (but not the same as) the Limited Edition, which features roofs, mirrors, and spoilers in a glossy black, plus carbon fiber trimmings in its cabin. Also, the Limited Edition only comes in either the new Race Red color or the signature Nitrous Blue you see above, whereas the Option Pack can presumably be matched with any factory color of your choosing. Want a Stealth Gray Grey Focus RS with an LSD? Better move to Europe.