IndyCar’s Chip Ganassi Motorhome Involved in ‘Crappy’ Collision

The port-a-potty truck crashed into Ganassi’s motorhome by accident, sending the driver to the hospital.

byJerry Perez| PUBLISHED Mar 10, 2018 11:40 AM
IndyCar’s Chip Ganassi Motorhome Involved in ‘Crappy’ Collision

Chip Ganassi is kicking off his 2018 IndyCar racing season in a rather crappy manner, quite literally. A port-a-potty pump truck managed to crash into his team's hospitality motorhome while attempting to maneuver around a congested VIP lot.

The accident happened Friday morning, as the IndyCar circus prepared to kick off the season's first racing weekend at the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg in sunny Florida. According to Autoweek, the pump truck apparently stuck in reverse gear and backed up into the flamboyant motorhome with considerable force.

Chip Ganassi's motorhome suffered "minimal" damage, but the driver of the pump truck was taken to the hospital with injuries to his ribs and face. We're just hoping the Ganassi organization has a better start to the season on the track than it did in the paddock.