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This Is What A 5,000-HP Shot of Nitrous Looks Like

Probably too much for your stock block drag car.

Drag racing is making a comeback in the United States. With automakers like Dodge proving a point to become the fastest in the quarter-mile, others have been put on notice to reach the same heights with their own outrageous production models. On top of that, NHRA dragsters are becoming faster than ever, setting record times with better cars and better drivers. Those hefty motorsport applications require a lot of extra oomph to scurry down the 1,320 so quickly, and this demonstration by Nitrous Express shows what that looks like—from a unique point of view.

While racers have been using nitrous for ages, rarely are they in applications like this. The injection of this laughable gas boosts combustion to stratospheric levels, helping engines to make big power for limited amounts of time. Those top-tier NHRA examples that I mentioned earlier take that idea and crank it up to 5,000-horsepower shots of the juice, which is what you see here.

We’ve seen how much juice a Top Fueler uses in a quarter-mile run, and this only adds to that insanity. All of these additives and power boosters are flooding into the engine at the same time, making over 10,000 horsepower in today’s competitors. It’s no wonder they can eclipse the finish line in just over three seconds.

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