2-Year-Old Survives Separate Encounters with SUVs in China

When every parent’s nightmare turns out—amazingly—just fine.

byChris Tsui| PUBLISHED May 4, 2017 10:31 AM
2-Year-Old Survives Separate Encounters with SUVs in China

Harrowing scenes out of southwest China early last week as a two-year-old girl narrowly escapes being crushed by two large SUVs. Today's crazy internet video comes out of Xichang, China and shows the small toddler running out into a busy street and being hit by a large Toyota SUV. Incredibly, the child is apparently small enough to fit under and between the wheels of the car (a Land Cruiser Prado, if I'm not mistaken) and emerge relatively unscathed. As if that wasn't enough, another similarly large, similarly white SUV following the Toyota fails to see the toddler on the street and drives right over her—again.

Luckily—no, miraculously—the young girl fits under the vehicle's axles. The child's grandmother finally locates her grandchild, presumably having witnessed what just happened, and rushes over to pick the girl up out of harm's way. According to the video's uploader, the toddler only suffered a minor head injury, perhaps from the initial bump that sent her to the ground, where she was in fact safer from the high-riding SUVs. 

An irrational lifelong fear of white crossovers, however, is unconfirmed.

One of the first and most important things my parents told me (and your parents probably told you) as a child was to look both ways before crossing—or in this case, running frantically through—the street. I guess at two years old, this lucky tot wasn't old enough to know any better. Fortunately, she was small enough to get away with it.