Watch a 900-HP BMW 3-Series Wagon and a Mercedes-Benz C63 Wagon Drag Race

And do burnouts for days. 

cvdzijden - Supercar Videos/YouTube

A power-packed sleeper car is something that makes us here at The Drive laugh uncontrollably. It's hard not to love a 900-horsepower 3-series sedan or an AMG-engined wagon, especially when they pull off huge burnouts. And that's exactly what these two wagons did at a drag event in Germany. 

A video uploaded to YouTube Monday shows a BMW 335i wagon modified to put out 900 horsepower and what appears to be a stock, last-generation Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate going at it on a makeshift drag strip. According to the clip's description, the video was filmed at the Petrolhead Sprint event in Weeze, Germany. 

Stealthy, loud, aggressive, and fast are four words that successfully describe these cars, and are also four words that make them amazing. There's something lovely about being able to match a supercar's speed in a car that looks like it spends each day running children back and forth to school.