Dash Cam Video Shows Why You Don’t Cut Off Tractor Trailers

What was this guy thinking?

byAaron Brown|
Dash Cam Video Shows Why You Don’t Cut Off Tractor Trailers

Tractor trailers have harder times accelerating, braking, maneuvering, and basically doing anything on highways compared to normal cars. Which is why they should not be messed with. A video shared on Facebook Monday shows what can go wrong when you try to cut off a big rig.

The video, posted on the social network by Jarrod Bligh, shows what appears to be an SUV getting caught up by a tractor trailer as it attempted to change lanes. As the SUV rode the shoulder, it attempted to speed up and pass the truck, but apparently it wasn't able to amass enough speed to pass the rig. That caused the SUV to smash into the front of the truck

According to the video uploader, the driver of the SUV claimed visibility issues played a role in the collision.

"Once it had all come to a stop his reason was 'I had my indicator on, You have to let me over.' Well firstly, no that's not how it works and 2 it's a bit hard to do that when you can't see him and he's in the emergency lane," wrote Bligh on Facebook.

Give the big rig guys some room, and never just assume that they can see you. If you do, you might just end up like this guy.