Honda Tailgates Bicyclist And Receives Instant Karma

Now the tailgating CR-V is the proud owner of a fat ticket.

byMax Goldberg| UPDATED Apr 24, 2017 12:34 PM
Honda Tailgates Bicyclist And Receives Instant Karma

The life of a bicyclist can be a difficult one. You are sweating before you even get to work, your friends compare you to Lance Armstrong and you share the road with two-ton projectiles that could crush you at any moment. In reality, that last observation is the truly important one. No matter how careful you are as a biker, you still have to trust the drivers around you to ensure you remain safe.

Although most states require bicyclists to abide by the same laws as a motorized vehicle, a bike has far less protection and is vulnerable to everything from a crack in the road to a tailgater. In the video below, an early 2000s Honda CR-V tailgates a bicyclist for a short period of time as the CR-V tries to get around a minivan.

According to the bicyclist, the CR-V got within six inches of his bike and caused understandable concern. If the bicyclist changed his speed, lost his balance or hit a pothole, he could have easily been run over by the CR-V. Fortunately a Skokie, Illinois police officer observes this dangerous act and takes action. Quickly pulling out from his post, the officer pulls over the CR-V and as he exits his squad car and says, “This Jaggoff is riding right on your ass…want me to do something about it?”

The officer then approaches the vehicle, asks for the driver’s license and registration and a ticket ensues. Solid work by the officer for correcting a situation that he could have easily overlooked. Hopefully, the driver of the CR-V learned from his foolish mistake.