Hungarian Driver Falls Asleep at 100 Miles Per Hour, Comes Away Unscathed

In broad daylight, with 2 kids in the car, Dad fell asleep. Don’t worry folks, he was driving a Volvo.

byDave Bartosiak|
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It’s dark, you’ve been on the road for a while, and that last Red Bull is starting to wear off. Your eyelids are getting heavier and it’s time for you to pull over and take a nap at that rest stop before disaster strikes. I’m sure we’ve all hit that point at one time or another on a road trip. Well, not everybody gets the hint. According to the Daily Mail, one driver in Hungary fell asleep at the wheel in broad daylight doing 100 miles per hour with his two kids in the car. Don’t worry folks, he was driving a Volvo, so everybody is fine.

Dashcam footage catches the dramatic moments when the Volvo veers to the right at 100 mph and careens up a grass bank. The car then finds its way back down the bank, crashing into the backside of the roadside barrier. The Volvo scrapes all along the railing before finally coming to a stop. The good news is the Volvo XC90 helped keep the whole family safe, with everyone walking away from the crash unscathed.

The driver, 43-year-old David Wrinkler, said his legs were shaking for hours after the crash. He was quoted as saying, “It was wonderful warm weather and me and my boys had just had something to eat. I got that feeling of a long highway, travelling just over 80mph, my stomach was full, and I fell asleep as I accelerated. I guess I fell asleep for 14 or 15 seconds and it happened. I woke up once the car came to a stop, but my son who was awake says it felt like it was going on forever. My first reaction was to think of my kids. It was only after I realized nothing had happened to them that I thought about myself.”

I hate to turn this into a commercial but the company has a plan in place to guarantee that no driver will ever be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by the year 2020. It sounds like the brand has already got a solid jump on that deadline.