Four Generations of Honda Civic Type R, One Awesome Drag Race

Japan’s hottest hatches line up for an all-out drag race, and believe it or not, the winner is a Civic Type R!

byJerry Perez|

The new Honda Civic Type R is, by all means, a nine-to-five workweek hustler that can also let it all hang out on the weekends, rendering it one of the most fun and versatile cars money can buy. Honda's magical recipe for fun cars isn't a new one, which means that many awesome hatchbacks came before the new Type R, and now you'll get to see them in action—together.

This video brings us a field of five Honda Type Rs from four different Civic generations ranging from 2001 to 2017, and it shows us just how far technology has come in nearly two decades. On the left side of the drag strip is an EP 3 Civic Type R, followed by an FN 2 Type R, an FN 2 Mugen, an FK 2 Type R, and lastly an FK 8, otherwise known as the only U.S.-bound Honda Civic Type R.

The first race is a standing quarter-mile drag race, which unsurprisingly the new FK 8 conquered in just 13.9 seconds courtesy of its 306 horsepower on tap. While none one of these hot hatches were designed for drag racing, it simply wouldn't look good if an older-generation car beat the current flagship. A rolling-start race and a braking test delivered nearly identical results, but with wider gaps in performance.

Given the right import documents and monetary funds, which one would you call your own?