Be Mesmerised by 10 Minutes of 2017 Nurburgring Crashes

The Green Hell does not suffer fools gladly.

byJames Gilboy|
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The Nürburgring Nordschleife deserves without a doubt its nickname, "The Green Hell," given to it by Formula 1 legend Sir Jackie Stewart. It's fast, narrow, features more than 1,000 feet of elevation change, and almost no runoff area. The 'Ring, as some call it, was so dangerous for much of its history that fatal accidents at the track have their own Wikipedia page. Even in its somewhat sanitized modern format, the Nürburgring is no joke, and even the track's undisputed queen Sabine Schmitz—who can recite every one of the 'Ring's named corners in order, from memory—has been the target of the track's smite.

Long story short, the 154 corners of the Nordschleife are no place to get cocky, and find yourself in over your head. Countless people learn that lesson each year, many of them in the road cars they used to visit the track on open lapping days. On such days, a lap costs €25 to €30, and the price of a crash is far more costly, according to

Damaging the Armco barriers lining the track can add up to a tremendous bill rather quickly. The repair truck deployment fee starts at €150, with the cost only climbing based upon the damage done to barriers and posts. €500 plus tax will weep from your wallet if your car needs to be hauled off by the recovery truck, and if your accident is even more severe, requiring a safety car or track closure, you'll be paying €82 per half hour for the former, and €1,350 per hour for the latter.

And all of this is before you have to find a way home for yourself and your car.

If the schadenfreude of watching people incur the financial penalties of a Nurburgring crash appeals to you, then watch the video below, and get your fix for the year.