You Can Pay to Drive Around a Military-Style Tank and Crush Cars in Florida for Fun

'The massive tank beneath you will obliterate every barrier blocking its path.'

Tank America
Tank America via Twitter

Unless you were in the military, you've probably never even gotten close to a moving tank, let alone driven one.

A new themed-attraction in Melbourne, Florida hopes to change that for anyone who would like to steer one through a series of combat simulation exercises.

Tank America is taking reservations for people who seek to command an FV433 Abbot tank around a forest trail. For $395, you'll be able to hitch a ride in an armored personnel carrier before taking your turn as the commander of a massive 17-ton military-style vehicle.

According to the description of the "basic training" package offered on Tank America's website:

The massive tank beneath you will obliterate every barrier blocking its path, its 105 mm Howitzer cannon leading the way. You’ll traverse plenty of rugged terrain and avoid deadly obstacles as you drive the FV433 into the lush forest ahead. Keep your eyes peeled for enemies along the way as you edge along barren lake beds and clamber up steep dunes.

For those customers who would like to take their experience to the extreme, the company offers an "advanced troops" package at $899 that allows drivers to crush a car with the FV433. It also includes a souvenir GoPro video and you can bring a friend along for the ride with you.

Driving the M48 Patton and M4 Sherman Tanks
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The company says that tank experiences will launch in January of next year.