Watch a Racer Lose Control When a Wheel Flies Off His BMW E36 3 Series Race Car

This could’ve ended a lot worse.

byAaron Brown|
Racing photo

Losing a wheel at any speed can have serious consequences, but having it happen on track when you're hauling ass is pretty much the worst-case scenario. A video shared on YouTube shows what that scene could look like when a BMW E36 3 Series race car and a populated race track are involved.

The video, shared to YouTube by grassroots racer and former Pirelli World Challenge driver Van Svenson shows how the incident went down. Svenson was behind the wheel of a BMW E36 race car at New Jersey Motorsports Park's Thunderbolt track when the studs on one of the car's four corners broke. 

"I had a wild ride when the studs on my left rear wheel failed in T4 at Thunderbolt," Svenson wrote in the video description. "Luckily, I didn't hit anyone or anything."

Yeah, and it was a damn close call. 

After the wheel came off, the E36 can be seen spinning in circles uncontrollably. It's amazing that the car wasn't struck by one of the race cars out on track.