Check Out This Great Astronaut-Themed Tesla Model X Commercial

Tesla is essentially a rocket so it is only natural it would draw the attention of Astronauts.

byMax Goldberg| PUBLISHED May 6, 2017 2:30 PM
Check Out This Great Astronaut-Themed Tesla Model X Commercial

Tesla is without a doubt one of the more creative automotive brands currently on the market. With that in mind, they deserve a creative commercial with all the right amounts of artistic angles, comedy, and optimistic outlook. The video below was submitted by Everyday Astronaut to Tesla for the Project Loveday video contest.

The Drive understands there are a lot of talented videographers and directors out there but boy is this video going to be hard to beat. Director Tim Dodd and Director of Photography Neal Johnson clearly put a lot of time behind the filming of this commercial. The general premise is the astronaut misses space and the thrill as he rolls through the daily chores of life. Towards the end of the commercial the astronaut approaches the Tesla Model X and his joy is restored. The commercial is called "Spaceships. For Earth," and the futuristic design accompanied with EV technology makes the Tesla Model X the perfect vehicle (well, maybe Corvettes would work better).