Shape Up For Spring

This lightweight Italian classic and beautiful model are your inspiration.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Mar 3, 2016 9:29 PM
Shape Up For Spring

Spring is for posers. Specifically, for posing outside with friends, or cars, marveling at the miracle of the softening earth, the brightening sky, the budding trees. The dewy months of April and May are also for pushing the season; sporting shorts as the temperatures hover in the high-forties, smiling beneath a pair of sunglasses to the last gusts of winter wind. Of course, with the doffing of layers often comes the realization that you yourself have gained a couple—the kind that don’t shed easy. Many of us are bears in the winter, wrapped in warm coats, rotund with the heaviness that can come only from months of indulgence. The bacon-chicken-ranch salad days are over. It’s time for regular salad, folks.

If inclined, take your cues from this lithe duo: a featherweight Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV, and a woman who looks to have a stellar relationship with an elliptical. While spring may hold for us a litany of inane body anxieties—why does this “muscle tee” hug only my gelatinous middle?—for this model, the only question is how high to crop the top. (The answer, in chorus: “Stratospherically!”) While most of us will never replicate the sensational-looking clash of perfect Italian sports coupe and willowy-limbed model (in frigging Portugal, no less), we can all strive to be a little tighter. Or, take a gander at these photos on the way to the cake shop: it’s your life, live it as you see fit.