The McLaren 675LT Is Too Collectible For Its Own Good

We brought it to the Petersen Museum, in Los Angeles, to be amongst its world-beating peers.

byChris Cantle| PUBLISHED Aug 30, 2016 11:00 AM

You cannot afford this car. Well, even if you could afford this car, you still can't have it, because every single one has been sold. It's a sad fact, because the McLaren 675LT is absolutely brilliant. With nearly perfect road manners and a equally sharp edge on the track, the 675LT is a generations-old idea executed in vivid green and carbon fiber. The perfect dual-purpose car, so swift and refined that it's the very best thing you can buy for the money. Which is, needless to say, is a lot.

With its crowd-pleasing dihedral doors, a limited run, and a keen eye toward improved performance over the already exhilarating McLaren 650S, the 675LT is and always will be a rare and special thing. Truly, it's a car worthy of inclusion among the best—which is why we brought it to the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles to breathe the rarified air among its peers. For all their kinetic achievement, all their potential energy, most McLaren 675LT's will wind up quietly waiting out their days in collections like the Petersen's.

Because they're rare and special and expensive, very few will thrash down wrinkled California backroads, or thrill driver and passenger alike with the song of that twin-turbocharged, 666-hp 3.8-liter V8. Most will be collected, and contained, and see their position at the top of the supercar ladder come and go from the quiet of an air conditioned garage. But not this one. Not today.