You’ve Been Doing the Scandinavian Flick All Wrong

So let the crew at Team O’Neil rally school show you how to do it right.

byThe Drive Staff| PUBLISHED Apr 6, 2016 1:21 PM
You’ve Been Doing the Scandinavian Flick All Wrong

Most of us who've lived in cold climates have tried our hand at the ol' Scandinavian Flick at one point or another. Sometimes we did it intentionally; sometimes we were plowing into a wintry corner way too fast, and the only alternative to a head-on collision with a sturdy-looking maple was to force some oversteer.

But unless you happen to find yourself hauling ass down snow- or mud-covered rural roads on a very regular basis, you're probably not very good at this maneuver. And considering the sort of dangers be involved in counter-intuitively steering a multi-ton car moving at high speeds—often with the aforementioned sturdy, deciduous trees lining the road—the Scandinavian Flick is the sort of thing that it's best to learn from someone who knows what he or she's talking about.

So take a moment to let Team O'Neil driving instructor and snow master Chris Rennie walk you—or rather, drive you—through the process of properly performing the pendulum turn in a front-wheel drive Ford Fiesta. And stay tuned for our full video recap of The Drive's stay at the Team O'Neil rally school, which will be coming to a computer near you very, very soon.