Scott Dixon Reaches Out to Concerned Young Fan

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byJames Gilboy|
Scott Dixon Reaches Out to Concerned Young Fan

Kiwi Indycar driver and champion Scott Dixon endured a cheek clencher of a crash at this year's Indy 500, one in which the car of Jay Howard, with steering damaged by a collision with the wall, darted back across the track in front of Dixon, who had no time to react, and was sent airborne. The car rolled into the barriers, and nearly bashed Dixon's head against the top of the wall, which would have almost certainly been fatal. The car came to a stop after a trip through the tumble dryer, with Scott Dixon visibly moving in the cockpit.

The sight of the crash perturbed a young Indy 500 viewer and Scott Dixon fan, identified only as Lucy, though she was relieved to see him limp away from the car. Glad to see her favorite driver safe, she decided to write to Indycar's organizers, to thank them for the strict safety rules that may have kept her favorite driver alive after a 200+ mile per hour crash.


Dear Indycar,

I love Scott Dixon, and as you may know he just got in a big crash. So what I wanted to tell you is that thank you so much for keeping him safe. I saw him limping on TV and just wanted to make sure he was ok. I've loved Scott Dixon since I was really little and when I saw the crash I got so scared and started crying. Again, thank you so much for keeping him safe!!!

Lucy, fan of Scott Dixon

Lucy had good reason to be concerned. In spite of all the advances in safety in the top echelons of open wheel racing, fatal accidents are still possible. In 2011, Dan Wheldon was killed in the blink of an eye in a multi-car crash, and in the world of Formula 1, Jules Bianchi was the victim of circumstance when his car left the track in monsoon weather and flew under a heavy-duty recovery vehicle.

Fortunately for Lucy, Scott Dixon is on track to recovery, and even better for her, he has seen her letter, and want to get a reply to her. Lucy, wherever you are, Scott Dixon is grateful for your letter, and wants to meet you.