Best Jeep Grab Handles: Keep Safe During Travels

Keep yourself and your passengers safe while off-roading with the best Jeep grab handles

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PUBLISHED ON February 10, 2020

If you love traveling on rough roads in a Jeep, it’s essential you own grab handles to prevent yourself and your passengers from falling out and getting seriously injured on rough terrain. A grab handle prevents accidents when the road is icy or wet since you’re more likely to injure yourself in a Jeep than a regular car.

We’ve discovered the top three best Jeep grab handles to keep you safe, secure, and comfortable in a jeep. All of these also provide easy installation and worry-free entry and exit to your Jeep.

  • Best Overall
    Bartact TAOGHUPBR Grab Handles

    Bartact designed these Jeep grab handles with powder-coated steel hardware that offers a non-slip surface and prevents any moisture and sweat from building up on the handles. The additional center strap prevents the handle from collapsing, so it’s always there should you need to grab it for safety.

    Universal fit is suitable for padded and non-padded roll bars. The heavyweight webbed base keeps the handles securely fastened to your vehicle.
    Expensive compared to other Jeep grab handles on the market. The handles hang down farther than most, which can present danger.
  • Best Value
    Roll Bar Grab Handles

    These exceptionally-priced grab handles feature a non-slip handle to make it easier to get in and out of your vehicle. Each are made of ABS and canvas to provide a weather-resistant and durable finish.

    Your purchase includes four Jeep grab handles. A nylon webbing finish makes them weather-resistant.
    The strands can fray on the handles. Some customers reported the handles have an unusual smell to them.
  • Honorable Mention
    JeCar Roll Bar Grab Handles
    JeCar designed this Jeep grab handles with a high-quality, natural rubber handle. This material and design provide an excellent anti-slip cushion that isn’t easy to sweat. These heavy-duty handles can handle up to 440 pounds of pull.
    Easy to install with no need to cut the padding. A universal and adjustable design that suits round or square padded or unpadded bars.
    These grab handles aren’t rustproof. The Velcro can also become non-sticky after a few months.

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  • Purchase a grab handle that’s weather-resistant and suitable for when you drive your Jeep. Handles made of metals aren’t ideal for year-round use, as they can become slippery in warm weather.
  • For increased safety, it’s important that the driver and all passengers have access to a grab handle for entering and exiting the Jeep.
  • Consider the grab handle’s compatibility with your vehicle. Check the build, material, sturdiness, installation, and size so the product perfectly complements your vehicle without affecting its function.


Q: Is it essential to own a grab handle for your Jeep?

A: Yes! These products ensure the driver and passengers can enter and exit the vehicle safely and don’t experience any injuries during the ride.

Q: Is it best to purchase a welded or bolted handle?

A: Welded jeep grab handles are designed with metals that aren’t appropriate for all weather conditions, so we advise a bolted product that uses high-quality plastic.

Q: What maintenance is involved in a grab handle?

A: Check the fasteners regularly, and tighten them if they’ve become loose. Replace any fractured or bent bolts and keep them clean and dust-free to increase their longevity. If your grab handles become damaged or broken, check your warranty and return them, if applicable.

Final Thoughts

If you’re searching for the best Jeep grab handles, we recommend Bartact TAOGHUPBR Grab Handles because they offer a superior fit and are designed with a non-slip backing.

Alternatively, opt for the Roll Bar Grab Handles if you’re looking for a durable product that offers excellent value.