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The starting point of exploring the Lone Star State is Houston, the city of seizing opportunities. It lets you feel the spirit of Texas in the best way possible, whether you're strolling through a thriving metropolitan area or exploring natural habitats. 

The fourth city of the United States has something for everyone. It's home to many sports teams, world-class arts, culture, cuisine, as well as many natural attractions. All of them will tell you why Houston is a world-famous city that draws the attention of tourists from all across the world. 

Houston RV Rentals

Houston is the USA's fourth-largest city, with more than 2.2 million residents. If anything, it's well-known for being the only major city in the United States that doesn't use land-zoning laws. Thus, be prepared to stroll down the streets where restaurants, hospitals, gun shops, and beauty salons are built right next to each other. It's actually a wonderful walk that allows you to explore world-class museums, arts, hotels, restaurants, and many other places all at once. 

This large urban metropolis also has many state parks that attract RVers from all across the world. RV rentals in Houston offer both urban and quiet surroundings. Visitors can camp close to the city and explore its countless attractions or opt for city borders and enjoy lakes, rivers, and forests. Furthermore, while staying in Houston, RVers can take trips to a few other amazing locations such as Albuquerque, Phoenix, and Los Angeles. 

Popular RV Destinations in Houston

Space Center Houston

The first stop for every tourist in Houston is the Space Center. It's one of the city's top attractions that has more than 400 artifacts and features many exhibits and programs. Visitors get to explore large collections of spacesuits and moon rocks, watch movies, live shows, and much more. 

The Houston Space Center is also home to NASA Mission Control and astronaut training. You get to experience the past, present, and future of the USA's space exploration programs. Thanks to the lifelike space replicas and many tours, you can learn a lot about space and astronomy. 

All in all, the Space Center features many entertaining attractions and proves to be a perfect location for everyone, especially families. Children are blown away with behind-the-scenes NASA tours and hands-on activities that allow for touching real moon rocks and other artifacts. 

Houston’s Museum District

The Houston Museum District includes 19 museums, galleries, and cultural centers. It's visited by more than 8.7 million people every year, which makes it one of the most popular attractions in the entire USA. The district attracts and welcomes visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities. Eleven museums are free all the time, while the rest of them offer free-entrance periods during the day. 

The Houston Museum District allows you to enjoy art, science, history, and culture while taking a walk through the city. You can even bike from one museum to another and uniquely explore the city. Along the way, you can make a stop to try some of the city's food specials or take a break in nearby Hermann Park. 

Kemah Boardwalk

The Kemah Boardwalk is located 20 miles from downtown Houston. It's a theme park that extends along the Galveston Bay. From taking a long walk through the park to indulging in many recreational activities, RVers can have so much fun on the Kemah Boardwalk. 

The Boardwalk features many restaurants, stores, and all kinds of other attractions. It's home to different festivals and seaside shows, providing entertainment for people of all ages, especially children. Visitors can have fun on a 35-acre area that provides a carnival-like experience with a large carousel, Ferris wheel, and many other rides. 


RVers can also make a day trip to Galveston, a coastal resort city on Galveston Island and Pelican Island in Texas. Its beautiful beaches, cultural attractions, and historic sites are only one hour away from Houston. You can easily indulge in a trip that will take you to some of the best tourist attractions in Texas.

The old buildings and facades in the heart of the city are only some of the things that make Galveston unique and worth visiting. People from all across the United States come to enjoy summer seasons on Galveston’s beautiful beaches, stroll through the city, and explore museums, galleries, shops, and restaurants.  

There's something for everyone in this colorful city, including many attractions for outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors get to watch birds, go sightseeing, and try out different water sports. That's music to the ears of RVers, campers, and all other nature lovers. 

Events and Entertainment in Houston

Sports Games

Houston is a city of sports. It hosts many recreational and professional teams, offering entertainment for all sports lovers in the city. Year-round Houstonians and tourists can enjoy basketball, soccer, baseball, and many other sports events. Thanks to the many open areas such as Hermann Park and Memorial Park, they can also play sports in comfortable environments. 

The Houston Dynamo, Houston Rockets, Houston Astros, and Houston Texans are only some of the many famous sports teams in Houston. What's even more interesting, colleges and universities in the city have equally popular and beloved teams. Watching the Owls, Cougars, Huskies, Tigers, and Gators brings a whole new level of fun to sports enthusiasts. 

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR) is the biggest annual event in the city that lasts 19 days. The event is usually held in February or March, and the entire city can be seen at the event. If you're wondering when to visit Houston, this might be the best time of the year. 

Whether you're traveling alone or with your friends and family, the HLSR is a must-visit destination in Houston. It offers so many attractions that people of all ages and backgrounds can have endless fun. You can enjoy carnival rides, games, music, shows, food stands, and much more. Rodeo events can't be overlooked either, as they are the main attraction of the event.

Campgrounds and Parks in Houston

Lone Star Jellystone RV Park

Lone Star Jellystone is an RV resort located 35 miles from Houston's city center. It accommodates all kinds of vehicles and offers cabin rentals as well. The friendly atmosphere and beautiful surroundings are the things that make Lone Star Jellystone a perfect destination for everybody, especially families. 

The resort has everything you need for an enjoyable stay, including many recreational attractions. It has two swimming pools, a mini-golf course, a small lake, and more. Anglers can try their luck on different waterways and active people can take tours in nature. Overall, everyone will enjoy relaxing in a quiet wooded setting. The park is also pet-friendly and specially designed to accommodate animals.

Westlake RV Resort

Westlake RV Resort is located within the city limits and is very popular among tourists and campers. It's a luxurious place that allows for a quiet and enjoyable stay, no matter if you're staying for a night or a month. For those with active lifestyles, the resort has many attractions to offer, too. 

The resort is built near a fishing lake and has a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, fitness center, and much more. It allows you to stay active within the resort grounds or take a quick walk to the Bear Creek Pioneers Park and Cullen Park. Both of them are only minutes away. 

Westlake RV Resort is also close to different stores, churches, and restaurants. It has all the necessary amenities for those coming with their own vehicles and is pet-friendly too. There are even specially designed areas for safely walking and bathing dogs. 

Woodland Lakes RV Park

Woodland Lakes RV Park is located in The Woodlands and is very close to the center of Houston. Although surrounded by trees and waterways, the park is also in close proximity to stores, restaurants, and other attractions. This way, the resort offers a peaceful stay in nature and an exciting exploration of urban city areas. 

The park offers 120 sites and everything you need for an enjoyable stay, from water and electricity to the clubhouse and a leash-free dog park. It's well-equipped, inexpensive, and close to some of the most beautiful natural sites around Houston. 

Nature lovers get to visit the lake of Conroe, the Sam Houston National Forest, and the W G Jones State Forest. They can enjoy biking, hiking, boating, fishing, and much more. 

Houston West RV Park

Houston West RV Park is located in Brookshire. It's very close to the center of two beautiful cities, Houston and Katy, while also distant enough to allow for peaceful camping. Visitors get to enjoy nature and silence and still explore these urban areas. 

The park has around 180 sites and offers all the possible amenities, from water and electricity to Wi-Fi and grills. It features two fishing ponds, an open grassy park, a swimming pool, and a hot tub. There are even two large dog parks for leash-free walks. 

Those who want to explore nature have many options too. The Stephen F. Austin State Park is very close to the resort and features many walking trails. It’s located on the Brazos River, so visitors can also enjoy fishing, boating, paddleboarding, and much more.  

RV Storage and Dumpstations in Houston

Houston has several RV storage facilities that prove to be very convenient and reliable. We listed some of them just in case you end up needing one at some point. 

  • Community Self Storage, S. Rice Avenue
  • Life Storage, East T C Jester Boulevard
  • Vintage RV Storage, Old Louetta Road
  • Canino Boat & RV Storage, Canino Road
  • CubeSmart Self Storage, Almeda Road
  • A & B Boat & RV Storage, Galveston

You'll most likely need a place to drop off waste while camping in Texas. Most dump stations in Houston are located within the city limits, far off the crowded center, but still close enough to ease things for RV owners. 

  • San Jacinto Riverfront RV Resort, Highland
  • Pilot Flying J Travel Plaza, North Freeway
  • PPL Motor Homes, Southwest Freeway
  • Traders Village Houston, North Eldridge Parkway
  • Space Center RV Park, League City


1. What are RV rentals?

RV rentals allow you for more flexibility when traveling and prove to be cost-efficient. You can book an RV just like a car or hotel and enjoy its accommodations for a certain period, without the expenses of ownership.

2. How much are RV rentals?

Small to mid-sized vehicles in most camper rentals in Houston cost between $80 and $150 per night, depending on the number of people and included amenities. The prices of larger vehicles start at around $180 per night and go up according to the same criteria. 

3. Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Houston?

You'll find that most RV and trailer rentals in Houston require you to be at least 25 years old to rent a vehicle. Some resorts might allow 21-year-olds to rent RVs, but they'll most likely ask for additional insurance cover.

4. Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

Yes, the state of Texas requires vehicle insurance. Whether you're renting a car or an RV, you'll need to get the insurance that would cover the expenses in case of an accident. 

5. Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

It's a good practice to return an RV with the same fuel levels as when you got it. Sometimes, it might even be mandatory, depending on the policy of a particular renting place. Make sure to communicate about it with the owner before the checkout. 

6. Are RVs pet-friendly in Houston?

Most motorhome rentals in Houston are pet-friendly. Many of them even feature specially designed areas for walking dogs. It's still recommended to double-check the policy of each RV rental, just in case. 

7. How many people can sleep in an RV?

Small travel trailers and campervans can accommodate two to four people. Mid-size trailers and motorhomes are more suitable for groups of four to eight people. Extra-large vehicles are ideal for six to 10 people. Some can even fit up to 12 people.