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RV Rental Maryland: Motorhome, Camper, & Trailer Rentals in MD

Maryland is a state in the eastern United States, and is also known as the Old Line State, the Free State, and the Chesapeake Bay State. The majority of Maryland's counties border the Chesapeake Bay, covering more than 4,000 miles of shoreline. Thus, the state is famous for countless waterways and scenic coastlines. 

However, that's not all that Maryland has to offer to its visitors. The state is rich with sandy dunes, rocky ranges, marshlands, pine-covered mountains, and much more. With so many natural attractions, it's a perfect destination for travelers. Campers can enjoy not only the state's natural beauty, but also sporting events and historical attractions. 

Thanks to the long shoreline, many parks, and campsites, campers and RVers can easily find ideal spots to spend their days in the state. Furthermore, RV rentals in Maryland come at decent prices and can be found all over the state. 

Popular RV Destinations in Maryland

Ocean City

Ocean City is a beach resort area located in Worcester County, along the East Coast of the United States. It's the second most popular city in Maryland, right after Baltimore, especially during the summer. Because of the beautiful beaches and vibrant city life, Ocean City is favored among tourists, campers, and other adventurers. 

In the beginning, Ocean City was only a barrier island, that is to say, a fishing village with a small number of residents. Today, it's a developed resort that extends along 10 miles of wonderful beaches. Numerous food stands, restaurants, shops, and other attractions can be found right along the boardwalk. Also, Ocean City today counts many hotels and other resorts where people can comfortably stay to enjoy the many wonders of this beautiful area. 

Inner Harbor

Inner Harbor is one of the top tourist attractions and landmarks in Baltimore. The harbor is a major center of commerce and industry in the city. It's a post-industrial waterfront designed for public use, with many walking paths, stores, and other attractions, and attracts tourists from all over the United States. 

Inner Harbor is a family-friendly place with many museums and restaurants, but it's also an ideal destination for nightlife lovers. From cruising on the bay during the day to exploring clubs at night, one has many things to do in Inner Harbor. 

There are many sightseeing tours to check out, especially those that take visitors to the Maryland Science Center, National Aquarium, World Trade Center, and all kinds of museums. On the other hand, streets are full of music events, domestic crafts and food, and other similar stuff for those who are seeking more entertainment. 

Fort McHenry National Monument

If you want to check out a historical site while in Maryland, consider the Fort McHenry National Monument. There you can learn a lot about American history, and if you’re traveling with your family, teach your children something new and important. During the War of 1812, McHenry used the fort to stop Britains from taking the Baltimore city. Surrounded by water and protected within the high walls, McHenry defended the fort that gained his name later on. 

The fort is open to public visits during the entire year. For a low cost, you get to visit and explore the park as well as join tours and attend different events. Recreating historical events and learning more about the past is a perfect way to round up traveling days while in Maryland. 

Assateague Island National Seashore 

The Assateague Island National Seashore is one of the places you shouldn't miss during your stay in Maryland. It's located on the East Coast along the Atlantic Ocean and is the largest natural barrier island in the Middle Atlantic states. What makes it stand out from other natural sites is the fact the region is unaffected by human development. 

The National Seashore offers many recreational activities without jeopardizing the natural ecosystem. Its main goal is to preserve and protect the environment while also staying open to visitors. The seashore covers more than 40,000 acres of land and water. It's rich with sandy beaches, salt marshes, maritime forests, and other natural attractions. Visitors can rest and relax within its borders as well as indulge in dynamic island life by fishing, boating, canoeing, and more. 

Events and Entertainment in Maryland


Annapolis is the capital of Maryland and is located on the Chesapeake Bay.  Because it's situated on the seashore, it offers beautiful scenic views over the ocean and many water-based activities. Also, as the capital city, Annapolis is the host of many festivals and fairs that extend from daytime for families to nighttime for party lovers.

Along with having many museums, historical buildings, and parks, the city also features a wide range of entertaining events throughout the entire year. Visitors can indulge in many dynamic activities or leisurely explore all the city gems. You can take a trolley tour, visit William Pace House and Garden, stroll at the city dock, shop, and much more. 

Six Flags America

Six Flags America is a theme park in Woodmore. It was founded in 1973 as a wildlife center, and it became an adventure park in 1999. If you're traveling with children or a group of friends, you can make a stop in Woodmore to enjoy many attractions the theme park has to offer. 

With Six Flags America, the big question is: where to begin? With so many attractions, it's hard to opt for just one of them. The park offers more than 100 rides, entertaining shows, and water attractions. It also has 10 roller coasters for adventurers who seek thrills and more excitement. All in all, the amusement park is a perfect stop for RVers and campers looking for fun ways to round up their stay in Maryland. 

Budds Creek National Motocross

In case you want to check out some unique events in Maryland, the Budds Creek Amateur Motocross might be a perfect option for you. It's an event usually held in August, in Mechanicsville. The motocross welcomes more than 300 amateur riders, organizing battles for different classes, and offering many prizes for the winners.

What makes this motocross appealing for visitors is the dynamic atmosphere. They get to witness jumps, turns, bumps, and other maneuvers on the tracks while cheering for their favorite riders. These races are unique and breathtaking, which makes the Budds Creek Amateur Motocross a must-visit place for RVers in Maryland. 

Campgrounds and Parks in Maryland

Cherry Hill RV Park

Cherry Hill Park is the closest camping location to Washington, D.C. It has around 140 campsites with all the necessary amenities. The park welcomes RVs, trailers, and tents, but it also offers many renting options. It's ideal for everyone, from families who want to enjoy peaceful moments in nature to young groups of friends looking for fun and entertainment. 

The park has picnic areas, walking trails, pools, and all kinds of other attractions. It's a family-owned and friendly place close to some of the main metropolitan areas in the state. From the park, you can easily tour Washington D.C. or check out all the events and entertainment in Annapolis. 

Castaways RV Resort & Campground

Castaways RV Resort & Campground is a beautiful spot near Ocean City and Assateague Island. Visitors can easily hop to the island and enjoy its wildlife and wonderful views or take a quick trip to the city and explore cultural attractions. Overall, the campground is ideal for campers of all ages and personal preferences. 

The campground allows you to park your own vehicle or rent an RV, a cottage, or even a tent. There are all the amenities you might need for an enjoyable stay as well as some extras such as picnic tables, grills, and more. Also, visitors get to indulge in a variety of activities including fishing, boating, swimming, and kayaking. 

Greenbrier State Park

Greenbrier State Park is a public recreation area in Washington County. It's located on South Mountain and offers a large camping area with an artificial lake. Visitors can go fishing, boating, and swimming and enjoy peaceful moments by the water. They can also follow many hiking trails, whether by mountain biking or jogging. 

Greenbrier State Forest is home to diverse flora and fauna that never cease to amaze. It's located near historic towns, White Sulphur Springs, and Lewisburg, so campers can go shopping, city strolling, dining, and more. Also, Greenbrier State Park is well-equipped with camping amenities necessary for both short- and long-term stays. 

Lake Somerset Family Campground

Lake Somerset Family Campground is located near Pocomoke City and surrounded by Wellington State Wildlife Management Area, Hickory Point Natural Area, and Pocomoke River State Park. It's a wonderful natural area that has much to offer its visitors. 

Campers can enjoy a variety of activities on the campground, from relaxing to more engaging ones. There’s even a petting zoo for entertaining children. You can go swimming and paddle boating or follow nature trails all around the park. Also, there's an option for renting a vehicle in case you don't own one. 

RV Storage and Dumpstations in Maryland

It's good to have a list of RV storage spaces in Maryland just in case you need one at some point. For that reason, we included a few reliable places you can check out. 

  • Fullerton Self Storage, Baltimore
  • Self Storage Plus, Baltimore
  • BWI Boat and RV Storage, Glen Burnie
  • Calvert Self Storage, Prince Frederick
  • Friels' Self Storage, Queenstown
  • White Oak Private Self Storage, Silver Spring

When it comes to dropping off waste, Maryland has dump stations on almost every campsite. You'll most likely find these stations at the place you're staying. Still, we made a list of several dump stations you can use along the road. 

  • Bar Harbor RV Park, Abingdon
  • Cherry Hill Park, College Park
  • Patapsco Valley State Park, Baltimore
  • Gunpowder Falls State Park, Baltimore
  • Greenbelt Park Campground, Greenbelt
  • Ramblin Pines Campground, Woodbine
  • Castaways RV Resort & Campground, Ocean City


1. What are RV rentals?

RV rentals allow you to enjoy camping even if you don't have your own vehicle. You can rent an RV just like a car or a hotel and have more flexibility when traveling. All you need to do is to book a vehicle and show up on a set-up date. 

2. How much are RV Rentals?

Most camper rentals in Maryland run at similar prices. You can expect to pay up to $300 per night for large vehicles or those located in fancy locations. Small RVs and trailers go somewhere between $70 and $150 per night, although you can get a better deal if you’re planning to stay for longer. 

3. Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Maryland?

Just like in other states in the United States, you have to be at least 21 years old to rent an RV in Maryland. At some places, you might even need to be 25 years old. 

4. Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

Trailer rental in Maryland has the same regulations as any other rental in the United States, which means you’ll need insurance regardless of the type of vehicle you rent. No matter if it’s a car or an RV, insurance is mandatory because it covers the vehicle in case of accidents or other damages. 

5. Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

Although it's not mandatory, most owners will expect you to return the vehicle with the tank at the same level you received it. For example, if you get an RV with 1/4 tank of fuel, you should return it in the same condition. Still, some owners do require returning the RV with a full tank, so make sure to double-check this before you leave. 

6. Are RVs pet-friendly in Maryland?

Yes, most motorhome rentals in Maryland are pet-friendly just like most of the state parks. Still, you might want to confirm with the owner before renting a particular vehicle.