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New Orleans, Louisiana RV Rentals

As one of the most vibrant, spicy, and culturally unique places in the entire South, New Orleans is a city that everyone should visit at least once. And an RV is a fantastic way to visit. From festive celebrations to warm nights along the bayou, there’s so much to see from an RV in this Louisiana destination.

Located right on the Mississippi River, this port city is a melting pot of French, African, and American cultures — and it’s best known for its wild and over-the-top Mardi Gras celebrations each February. No matter what kind of adventure or experiences you’re looking for, RV rentals in New Orleans give you the chance to indulge in all the Big Easy has to offer firsthand. 

While you might not immediately think of New Orleans as an RV-friendly city, there are many reasons to camp in a motorhome and navigate this city within an RV rental. You can get up close with the diverse swampland and marshes surrounding New Orleans, and there are as many natural wonders to see as there are historic spots within the city itself. 

Popular RV Destinations in New Orleans

The French Quarter

If there’s one part of New Orleans that you absolutely can’t skip, it’s the French Quarter. This lively, vibrant neighborhood within the city is packed full of things to do, see, and try — and there’s nowhere quite like the French Quarter elsewhere in the world. It’s a National Historic Landmark, but it’s nothing short of thrilling.

In the French Quarter, you can walk cobblestone streets and visit iconic spots like Jackson Square, Faulkner House Books, or the Cabildo. You can also indulge in the excitement and rowdiness of Bourbon Street, the center of the neighborhood’s action. It’s possible to spend a whole day or more whether you’re visiting fortune tellers, catching performers at work, or partying along Bourbon Street. 

Frenchmen Street

Here’s a section of New Orleans that’s more removed from the tourist hotspot that is the French Quarter. Along Frenchmen Street, you can walk along with locals over four city blocks and see some of the city’s best live music, bars, restaurants, and art galleries. There are fewer crowds here, but you’ll find more unique spots and get a more realistic feel for the city.

Frenchmen Street is also home to some old-style jazz clubs, like The Spotted Cat, Three Muses, and d.b.a., all of which really capture New Orleans’ jazz history. You can also browse handmade, homemade art and jewelry, a cool experience if you love souvenirs that are special to where you found them.

New Orleans City Park

New Orleans City Park is the perfect place to get in a bit of outdoor activity and explore some of the natural beauty found within the city limits. This sprawling park is home to the 12-acre New Orleans Botanical Garden, the New Orleans Museum of Art, and cool activities just for kids like Storyland and the Train Garden. It’s like a one-stop destination for absolutely any age and any interest. 

Within New Orleans City Park, you’ll also find multiple tennis courts, soccer fields, football stadiums, and a golf course. You can check out the world’s largest grove of mature live oaks, some of which are up to 900 years old. And you can simply walk and take in the sights if you’d like, as this park offers so much to see that you could spend an entire day within its boundaries. 

Mardi Gras World

Even if you don’t visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras, you can still see the awesome, colorful, and flamboyant floats used during the annual party while you’re in town. At Mardi Gras World, you can actually get the rare opportunity to see those floats behind the scenes, getting up close to them along with Mardi Gras costumes and accessories. Mardi Gras World is actually a warehouse workshop where the festival’s parade floats head during the off-season, and it’s where you’ll see current floats being created and constructed alongside old floats in storage.

At Mardi Gras World, you can take a guided tour through the floats, props, and more. You can also sit in on a presentation about Mardi Gras history — but the real fun is watching local artists at work on the floats. It’s even possible to try king cake and try on authentic Mardi Gras costumes, a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Lake Pontchartrain

Some of the best experiences within New Orleans are those off the beaten path of the city’s streets — like Lake Pontchartrain. As the largest inland body of water in Louisiana, Lake Pontchartrain covers 630 square miles and is connected to the Gulf of Mexico as well as local rivers and bayous. It’s also home to the Causeway Bridge, which spans 23 miles and holds the title of the world’s longest bridge over water. 

Lake Pontchartrain is a perfect spot for RV campers too. You can take out sailboats, ride motorboats, or simply spend a day on the lake. When the sun sets, you can actually camp in your RV at Pontchartrain landing, a gated resort with RV sites plus a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, hot tub, and more. 

Audubon Nature Institute

If you want to see local wildlife and New Orleans nature while having fun, the Audubon Nature Institute is the perfect place to head in your RV. This is no average nature institute — it’s part fun-filled playground, part educational destination. At the Audubon Nature Institute, you’ll find a zoo, an aquarium, a butterfly garden, an insectarium, and a huge giant screen theater. 

Families, especially those with young kids, will really like what the Audubon has to offer. There’s a wealth of kid-friendly exhibits so little visitors can learn while playing with furry, scaly, and slimy animals, watching feedings, and catching educational presentations. There’s a lot to see, and you can spend an entire day exploring here.

Events and Entertainment in New Orleans

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

If there’s a festival other than Mardi Gras that really defines New Orleans, it’s the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. A 50-plus-year-old tradition that occurs during the last weekend in April and first weekend in May, this jazz festival features eight days of incredible music, awe-inspiring art, and delicious cuisine. It captures the cultural experience of New Orleans while celebrating its most important arts.

During the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, you can visit 12 different concert stages that play all kinds of music — you’ll encounter jazz, blues, gospel, rock, country, rap, hip-hop, and local specialties like Cajun zydeco. You can taste some of the best local foods, including jambalaya, gumbo, crawfish Monica, and the storied Cafe du Monde beignets. And you won’t want to miss the cool, quirky costumes and props visitors bring to the festival.

Hogs for the Cause

Hogs for the Cause is an annual event that absolutely anyone — well, anyone who eats meat and loves bacon — will find fun. If you’ve always wanted to indulge and eat bacon in just about every form imaginable, this is the event you can’t miss in New Orleans. Plan your RV rental for March, because that’s when Hogs for the Cause starts cooking up two full days of barbecue and a whole lot of bacon.

During Hogs for the Cause, locals barbecue and cook up tons of meats. Over 90 different barbecue teams smoke and grill everything from ribs to whole hogs to pork shoulder and more, and you can indulge in as much meat as you’d like, paired with live music over the entire weekend. All of the proceeds are donated to children’s hospitals throughout the South too.

Mardi Gras Indians Super Sunday

If you’re not going to be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, you’ll want to try to plan your RV vacation around Mardi Gras Indians Super Sunday. This single Sunday is one of the best events of the entire year — it’s the one day when all of the Mardi Gras Indians tribes (or clubs) come together and parade through New Orleans’ streets all decked out in their festival best.

A tradition since the 1800s, Mardi Gras Indian tribes don incredible costumes with vibrant colors and intricate details like hand-sewn feathers, beads, and sequins. In addition to riding their floats, these tribes also dance, chant, and perform along Central City and Bayou St. John, along with other central neighborhoods throughout the city. The entire city turns out too, celebrating with barbecues and parties right in the streets. 

San Fermin in Nueva Orleans

If you’ve always wanted to experience Spain’s famed Running of the Bulls event, you can do so right in New Orleans. Well, you can take part in a version of it — the San Fermin in Nueva Orleans event is the city’s annual homage to Pamplona’s own tradition. It’s a southern spin on the Running of the Bulls that occurs each July, and thousands of people take to the streets.

But here’s what’s so fun about San Fermin in Nueva Orleans. There are no bulls; runners dress in white with red scarves and try to flee women roller-derby team skaters, who come after them with plastic bats and bull horns. You don’t want to get whacked — and if you make it to the end of the race, you’ll love the huge outdoor festival waiting for you with food, music, and more.

French Quarter Festival

Each year in April, the French Quarter Festival celebrates the music and musicians who call the French Quarter neighborhood their home. It’s a 100 percent free festival that’s all about Louisiana musicians, with 23 different stages that host artists from all genres and styles. 

During the French Quarter Festival, visitors can buy food and drinks that go towards the festival’s costs to keep it free for the city. That food is prepared by some of the best chefs in New Orleans, meaning you can pay a small price to try some seriously renowned food that pairs perfectly with local music. 


Q: What are RV Rentals?

Renting an RV is pretty similar to renting a car. You can choose a motorhome and “borrow” it for a few days, a week, or even longer, paying a per-day or per-night price. But when you rent an RV, you can do so much more than you can with a basic vehicle rental. You can enjoy all the perks of owning an RV — it’s a home away from home on wheels, meaning you can travel to different campsites, destinations, and scenic spots. And it’s a great way to take a vacation in and around New Orleans. 

Q: How Much are RV Rentals?

RV rentals vary in price, and the final cost will depend on the type of motorhome you’re renting, where you’re renting from, and how long your rental spans. On average, you can expect to spend between $75 and $150 per night if you rent a camper van or small trailer. A larger trailer or motorhome will run you between $150 and $250 per night. The cost can drop, however, if you opt for a longer rental; some companies will offer discounted rates for trips totaling a week or more.

Q: Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in New Orleans?

need to be at least 25 years old to rent an RV from most New Orleans RV rental companies. Some companies will rent to individuals as young as 21 years old — but keep in mind that you’ll likely have to pay higher rates or opt for more insurance if you’re below 25 years old.

Q: Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

RVs are just like any other vehicle — you’ll definitely need insurance coverage in order to rent and operate one. And often, RVs require different insurance than your average auto insurance policy. Check with your current coverage to see if you need additional insurance. Most RV rental companies offer short-term policies you can add onto your rental for a fee. 

Q: Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

You should expect to refuel your rented RV before bringing it back to the rental company at the end of your trip. However, the exact amount of gas you'll need to pay for varies depending on your rental contract. In some cases, you’ll need to top off the tank and make sure it’s full. In others, you may simply need to return the RV with the same amount of gas it had when you picked it up. Check with your rental company before you hit the road so you know what’s expected. 

Q: Are RVs pet-friendly in New Orleans?

If you’d like to bring your pet along for the ride when you rent an RV in New Orleans, make sure to check with the rental company first. While some RVs and RV rentals are perfectly pet-friendly, others don’t welcome pets. You may also need to pay extra if your dog is joining you for your travels.