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Grand Junction RV Rentals

A hub within Colorado, Grand Junction is a must-visit city — but it's an especially great place to rent an RV. Situated right at the junction of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers, it's a natural paradise with tons of natural gems just waiting to be explored. Grand Junction RV rentals allow you to tour hundreds of miles of stunning scenery, from dramatic red rock landscapes to the awe-inspiring Colorado River. 

Whether you want to explore some of the best natural wonders in the entire state or want to try your hand at adventures like mountain biking, hiking, or fishing, there's no better way to see all that this area of Colorado has to offer than from an RV. With plenty of campgrounds to explore, RV rentals in Grand Junction help you make the most of your vacation.

Popular RV Destinations in Grand Junction

Grand Mesa

Grand Mesa is the number one must-visit place in Grand Junction. As soon as you pick up your rental RV, you’re going to want to head right to Grand Mesa. This flat-top mountain is the largest in the world, and it forms an 11,000-foot plateau plus hundreds of square miles filled with natural sights and attractions. It’s made for RV visitors, too, as you can drive the 63-mile-long Mesa Scenic Byway to check out all of the most stunning sights.

Whether you want to hike, snap photos, fish, or ride mountain bikes, you can do it all at Grand Mesa. There’s something for everyone at this gorgeous natural destination, and you’ll catch impressive sights no matter what activities you pursue. There are plenty of campgrounds and RV camping sites around, and along Grand Mesa, so you can spend as many days there as you’d like.

Colorado National Monument

The Colorado National Monument is home to some once-in-a-lifetime panoramic views. It’s the best place to see the famous red rock spires that Colorado — and specifically Grand Junction — is known for. A favorite among visitors, you can take your RV rental along scenic Rim Rock Drive to tour 23 miles of the Colorado National Monument right from the driver’s seat.

From incredible vistas to 14 different hiking trails, this destination covers over 20,000 acres of canyonlands. You can explore on foot, on a bike, or even stay inside your RV. The most incredible sights are found through hikes, and you can find trails suitable for first-time hikers as well as routes made for multi-day trekking. 

Powderhorn Bike Park

If you want a combination of adventure and excitement, you won’t want to miss Powderhorn Bike Park. This destination sits just 45 minutes outside of Grand Junction, but it’s worth the drive. Featuring thrilling trails designed just for mountain biking, you’ll catch amazing views and challenge yourself as you ride along natural terrain shaped by time and history.

Used as a ski resort in the winter, Powderhorn Bike Park turns into an incredible mountain bike destination during the summer. You can choose from three exciting downhill trails and one challenging uphill trail. Whether you’re a first-time rider or more experienced, there’s something for everyone here.

Serpents Trail

Serpents Trail is a hike that’ll challenge you — but along the way, you’ll fall in love with the incredible viewpoints and sprawling Grand Junction landscapes. Considered the “Crookedest Road in the World,” the trail stretches 3.9 miles roundtrip and includes more than 50 switchbacks. You’ll climb to an elevation of 5,840 feet and challenge yourself at a moderate hiking level over two to three hours.

In addition to getting the chance to experience one incredibly crooked hiking trail, Serpents Trail is also a great place to see Colorado’s natural beauty. Each switchback introduces you to an awe-inspiring vista, letting you see the landscape in every direction. 

Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range

The Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range is a unique place to visit. As one of just three ranges in the U.S. designated to protect wild, free-roaming horses, you can take your RV over to the range and watch between 80 and 130 wild horses run free. Sprawled out over 36,000 acres, you’ll see wild horses in their element alongside stunning canyons and beautiful plateaus. 

While you’re at Little Book Cliffs, you can get pretty close to the horses — you can take a guided horseback ride or ride in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Whether you simply visit or take a tour, you’ll see both beautiful scenery and some extraordinary wildlife.

James M. Robb-Colorado River State Park

The Colorado River is a place that’s filled with possibilities — both in activities and in natural scenery. Whether you’re hoping to see wildlife up close, spend nights camping along the water in your Grand Junction RV rental, or indulge in water sports, you can do it all along the river at the James M. Robb-Colorado River State Park.

Home to more than 35 miles of space to explore and five different sections of land, the James M. Robb-Colorado River State Park has a lot to see and experience firsthand. There are multiple river outdoor recreation options, paths to hike or ride bikes down, and even horseback riding trails all along the river. It’s a great place to take your RV for a day or two.

Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area (NCA)

Featuring incredible sights like red rock canyons and sandstone bluffs, juniper trees, and wildlife for miles, the Dominguez-Escalante National Conservation Area (NCA) is a must-see stop for any RV camper. Spread out over 210,172 acres, this area includes the Dominguez Canyon Wilderness, the Uncompahgre Plateau, and a host of creeks that slip through sandstone canyons.

With incredible scenes to behold, the Dominguez-Escalante NCA will allow you to experience and explore geological wonders. You can learn about the Ute Tribes of Grand Junction, walk along the Old Spanish National Historic Trail, or get to see elk, golden eagles, mule deer, mountain lions, and more in their natural habitat. It’s an especially great place for those who love getting out in nature.

Events and Entertainment in Grand Junction

The Avalon Theater

The Avalon Theater is the place to head in Grand Junction if you’re looking for arts and entertainment. It’s an incredible sight to see based on its history alone: built in 1923, this theater has long been one of Western Colorado’s biggest performing arts destinations. Today, it’s restored and full of all kinds of talent.

At the Avalon Theater, you can catch classic movies as well as live entertainment. From world-renowned artists to variety shows to theatrical productions to independent and foreign film series, you can see just about every type of film and show here. And it’s steeped in history, with previous acts like John Philip Sousa, Pat Benatar, and Ethel Barrymore having stepped on its stage.

Fruita Fat Tire Festival

Whether you’re a fan of mountain biking or love taking part in local festivals, you’re going to want to time your RV trip so you can experience the Fruita Fat Tire Festival. Held annually in downtown Fruita at the Civic Center Park, this festival celebrates mountain and desert bike rides with a huge expo. You can join in and participate in road rides through scenic spots like Colorado National Monument, Douglas Pass, and Grand Junction’s wine country.

For 25 years, the Fruita Fat Tire Festival has welcomed bike riders from across the country. In addition to bike rides, you can try out the beer garden, enjoy live entertainment, and explore all that the city of Fruita has to offer throughout a weekend.

First Fridays

You can explore the art of Grand Junction up close during First Fridays. This local art walk is held on the first Friday of each month, with local artists and art galleries putting their work on display for everyone in town. Starting around 6 p.m., you can walk the streets of Grand Junction and check out artists’ latest pieces, try food and drinks, and travel from art venue to art venue on foot.

First Fridays are like a whole host of mini-gallery showings held all on the same night. You can stop into ceramics shops, see local art groups like The Outsiders, and visit both shops and galleries, as well as The Art Center to discover incredible pieces in all types of media. The galleries and shops work together to guide visitors from spot to spot so you don’t miss a thing.

Country Jam

Each year, Grand Junction welcomes Country Jam, the biggest country music party in the entire state. Part music festival with celebrated country music acts and part camping festival, you can drive your RV rental right to the Country Jam grounds to enjoy fun 24 hours a day for four straight days.

Country Jam takes place rain or shine, and it offers the opportunity to see the hottest country stars on multiple stages. It takes place at Country Jam Ranch, a 240-acre ranch set against the famed red rock backdrop. Whether you’re a country fan or not, you’ll love the community that surrounds this annual festival and all there is to indulge in.


Q: What are RV rentals?

RV rentals in Grand Junction, Colorado, allow you the chance to explore a new city and camp out in scenic natural settings — all without having to own your very own RV. For a nightly, weekly, or even monthly rate, you can rent an RV and cruise around Grand Junction and the surrounding areas, then return your RV when your trip is complete.

Q: How much are RV rentals?

Renting an RV in Grand Junction will run you approximately $75 to $150 per night for a small trailer or camper van. You’ll spend between $100 and $250 per night to rent a larger trailer or motorhome. However, the nightly rate can be less if you opt for a longer-term rental, such as a week or a few weeks.

Q: Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Grand Junction?

Typically, RV rental companies require you to be 25 years old to rent an RV. However, every company is different — some may allow you to rent at just 21 years old, but you may have to pay higher costs or purchase additional insurance.

Q: Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

You need to carry insurance when you’re renting an RV. While the law can vary from state to state, most require you to have additional insurance to rent and operate an RV. You can buy a short-term policy from any RV rental company — just make sure to check with your auto insurance company first to see if you might already be covered.

Q: Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

It all depends on the terms of your RV rental agreement: some RV rental companies will require you to return your motorhome with the same amount of gas it carried when you drove it off the lot. Others will require you to top off or fill up the tank before returning it. Just check the terms of your rental agreement or ask before heading out onto the open road.

Q: Are RVs pet-friendly in Grand Junction?

An RV rented in Grand Junction can be pet-friendly — but this too varies from company to company. Campgrounds throughout the area will welcome pets, but you’ll want to check with the company you rent your RV from to make sure pets are okay to travel inside.