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Orange County, California RV Rentals

As one of the best-known counties in the U.S., Orange County welcomes millions of tourists each and every year. “The OC” spans 948 square miles and includes just about everything you could want in a travel destination, from stunning sprawls of coastline to exciting theme parks to gorgeous natural campsites with breathtaking scenery. And RV rentals in Orange County, California give you the opportunity to drive around, camp out, and explore some of the most memorable places along the West Coast.

Rent an RV in sunny Orange County, and you can visit iconic places like Disneyland in Anaheim, the Huntington Beach pier, or the craggy cliffs along Laguna Beach. With miles and miles to cover and countless sights to see, you can explore for days and weeks easily. You’ll find incredible campsites nestled among city streets, beaches, museums, and malls, providing an RV camping experience that’s hard to beat.

Popular RV Destinations in Orange County

Corona del Mar State Beach

You can’t skip a trip to the beach when you’re vacationing in a rented RV in Orange County, California — and one of the beaches you absolutely won’t want to miss is Corona del Mar State Beach. Located in Corona del Mar, a beachside city near Newport Beach and Irvine, this half-mile stretch of sand is one of the most popular in all of Orange County. And once you arrive, it’ll be easy to see why.

A great place to get in the water and swim, Corona del Mar State Beach is framed by gorgeous cliffs and a picturesque rock jetty. You can surf, dive, snorkel, fish, and even windsurf along this relatively small beach. There’s convenient parking nearby so you can easily drive your RV close to the cliffs, and you’ll even find hiking trails and picnic areas along the beach for more options.

Balboa Island

While there are plenty of iconic spots dotted throughout Orange County, there’s perhaps none as fun as Balboa Island. Located in Newport Beach, this little man-made island is home to the most scenic and iconic boardwalks in the county. You’ll find restaurants, shops, and the Balboa Fun Zone all along this exciting boardwalk — and you’ll recognize the sights of the TV show Arrested Development too.

On Balboa Island, you’ll want to make sure to try the two famed desserts the island is known for: a frozen banana and the Balboa bar. You can take your frozen treats right into the Balboa Fun Zone, where you can ride a Ferris wheel, play arcade games, and even join the Discovery Cube’s Ocean Quest. There’s something for everyone here.

Heisler Park

Here’s another beach destination that offers can’t-miss views of the coast: Heisler Park in Laguna Beach. It’s both a park with plenty of recreation and a beach that offers cool opportunities to swim, explore, and try out different activities. With panoramic views of the sweeping shoreline, small beach coves, and tide pools that appear and disappear with the ocean’s tides, you can play, relax, or simply sightsee.

Some of the biggest benefits of Heisler Park for RV campers are the barbecues and picnic tables. You can pull up along the beach and travel along the walking trails, then have a meal right by the beach. While you can’t camp here, it’s the perfect place to spend a day and evening outdoors. 

Tanaka Farms

Tanaka Farms is a totally different kind of destination — in fact, it’s one you likely wouldn’t expect to find in Orange County, California. But this family-owned farm offers experiences that are both educational and fun, and it’s a great opportunity to get out of your RV, away from the campsite, and try something totally new. At the 30-acre farm, you’ll find a produce market, seasonal harvest festivals that include food, games, and arts and crafts, and wagon rides through the fields.

One of the best ways to experience Tanaka Farms is via a pick-your-own wagon ride. Available year-round, you can get a ride around the entirety of the farm with a Tanaka worker, checking out over 60 different fruits and vegetables and picking your own foods. It’s a cool chance to bring your own produce back to your RV for some delicious meals while you’re on vacation.

Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve

If you’re looking for an activity that’s both scenic and active, head to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve. Spanning 1,300 acres, this reserved swath of land is home to coastal wetlands and the largest saltwater marsh between Monterey Bay and Tijuana. Here, you can see a totally different kind of California landscape, with a mix of fresh and saltwater marshes, tidal sloughs, dense vegetation, and swamps.

The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve also gives you the opportunity to hike and see multiple species up close. Home to over 300 different bird species as well as marine life, mammals, and reptiles, you can follow five miles of trails to explore. You’ll encounter everything from rare and endangered species to animals like coyotes, rattlesnakes, and others who call the reserve home.

Orange County Great Park

Orange County Great Park is one seriously great park. Its name is no simple statement — this park, which is located in Irvine, is a central hub for all kinds of different recreation within Orange County. It’s 1,300 acres in size and hosts everything from sporting events to art festivals to exhibitions to casual weekend get-togethers. 

At Orange County Great Park, you can explore a farmer’s market, a carousel, a sports and fitness complex that includes walking and biking trails, a viewing pier, an aviation exhibition, and an arts complex. But that’s not all: you can also see the OC from the air by taking a ride in the Great Park Balloon, which rises 400 feet in the air. Whether you want to explore, get active, or simply relax, this is the place to do it all, right in the middle of a city.

Events and Entertainment in Orange County

Disneyland Park

What's there to say about "The Happiest Place on Earth" that hasn't already been said? Orange County's contribution to the House of Mouse, Anaheim's Disneyland Park opened in 1955. It's the only Disney theme park designed and built by Walt Disney himself.

From the Matterhorn to Space Mountain, the thrills and excitement abound for kids of all ages. And the youngsters will love Cinderella's Castle and the famous Flying Teacups. For more modern thrills, visit Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and the neighboring theme park built in the original parking lot, California Adventure.

But as with everything Disney, lodging is the main expense when going to Disneyland. You'll save big bucks if you plan your multi-day visit from the comfort of an RV.

The Orange County Fair

As one of the biggest and most beloved annual events in the entire state of California, the Orange County Fair is a can’t-miss if you’re in town during the summer. Each year, the fair draws thousands of visitors to the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa for all the traditions of a county fair: fried foods, fun carnival games, thrilling rides, and weekly concerts from big-name headliners. And this fair is also home to a wealth of exhibitions, like agriculture and livestock shows, gardening demonstrations, visual arts events, and live animals.

During the Orange County Fair, you can try out some seriously crazy foods while checking out booths, shopping different retailers, and even exploring the themed exhibitions. One of the biggest draws of the fair is the concert series, which welcomes big names like Cheap Trick, Brett Eldredge, Trevor Noah, and Chris Isaak appearing year after year.

The Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters

Here’s an event unlike any other: the Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. This event is known throughout Orange County for its spectacle and its combination of different types of art in a single large-scale event. It’s really two events in one, both taking place at the same time over two months.

The Festival of Arts celebrates all types of art and artistic media, bringing together more than 140 local artists for fashion shows, wine events, art classes and education events, and so much more. At the same time, the Pageant of the Masters brings together hundreds of actors, makeup artists, musicians, and costumers who put on a 90-minute production in which classic paintings and sculptures are recreated by real people. The “art” is so realistic that it’s almost impossible to tell that what you’re seeing is created by living, breathing people.

Vans U.S. Open of Surfing

Southern California — and Orange County in particular — is synonymous with surfing. And each year, the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing comes to Orange County, drawing half a million visitors to downtown Huntington Beach to see professional surfaces, skateboarders, and BMX riders perform and compete. This event, which first started in 1959, actually transforms the beachside city into a huge extreme sports festival.

During the Vans U.S. Open of Surfing, you can watch events as an audience member in the stands or on the beach. You can also participate in some extreme sports yourself. The Vans Pro Park skate course offers free public skate sessions, and there are other courses and parks set up for visitors to try their skills at skateboarding, BMX, and more. 

Winter Fest OC

Thanks to the pleasant weather year-round, you can come to Orange County in December and January and still enjoy outdoor festivals like Winter Fest OC. Held at the same place as the Orange County Fair, Winter Fest OC is a one-mile immersive drive-through festival that’ll really help you get into the holiday spirit. You’ll watch from your car as animated lights dance, music plays, and cool Christmas tree displays light up the night.

In addition to the drive-through portion of Winter Fest OC, you can also try out other activities and events. Snowflake Summit lets you ride a snow tube down a 150-foot ice slide, while Candy Cane Carnival offers thrilling carnival rides like a Ferris wheel and tilt-a-whirl. You can even play in the sun no matter the weather at the festival’s Alpine Village.


Q: What are RV Rentals?

An RV rental gives you the chance to “own” a motorhome for a set period of time — all without having to make the significant investment of buying your own RV. Instead, you can simply reserve an RV from an Orange County RV rental company, fly into town, and pick up your RV. You then have the perfect camper to visit different sights, destinations, and camping spots throughout the OC. When your trip ends, you can return the RV without any further commitment. 

Q: How Much are RV Rentals?

RV rentals vary in cost depending on the type of motorhome or camper you’re renting, its size, and the length of your rental. You can expect a small camper to cost anywhere from $75 to $150 per night; larger motorhomes and RVs will run between $150 and $250 per night. You may be able to get rates as low as $60 per night if you rent for a week or longer, as there are often deals and special offers for longer-term rentals.

Q: Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Orange County?

You’ll need to be 25 years old in order to rent an RV from any rental company within Orange County. While there may be some exceptions — for example, some companies may rent to individuals as young as 21 years old — you’re often charged a higher per-night price or required to pay for additional insurance if you’re a younger driver. 

Q: Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

Yes, you’ll need to carry insurance in order to rent an RV in Orange County. You can check to see if your current auto insurance policy offers coverage or covers you in the event you’re driving an RV. Often, however, you’ll need additional insurance or coverage. Most RV rental companies offer the exact insurance you’ll need for a price, and you can pay solely for the length of your rental. 

Q: Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

You’ll either need to return your rented motorhome with a full tank or with the same amount of fuel as your vehicle had when you drove it off the lot. You’ll want to ask your Orange County RV rental company what the policy is or what your contract states. It’s also common for RV rental companies to offer refueling for a price — this means you don’t have to worry about filling up the tank before your trip ends, and you can instead pay the rental company to handle it for you.

Q: Are RVs pet-friendly in Orange County?

Some rental RVs will welcome pets while others aren’t pet-friendly. This varies from rental company to rental company, so make sure to ask before renting if your furry friends will be welcome. While dogs are welcome at many destinations throughout Orange County, it’s important to double-check before you choose a company to rent an RV with.