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Phoenix is a top-choice vacation destination for those who want to enjoy a sunny climate and spectacular desert landscapes. With 334 days of the year filled with sunshine, it's easy to understand why the city is called Arizona's Valley of the Sun. 

The southwestern paradise accommodates millions of tourists every year, from outdoor enthusiasts to sun worshippers. Whether you just want to lie down in a hammock and absorb some vitamin D or explore deserts, waterways, and other natural attractions, Phoenix is an excellent city to explore. 

Phoenix RV Rentals

Phoenix is the capital and most populous city in Arizona. It's located in the heart of the Sonoran Desert and is very close to the Grand Canyon. What makes it stand out from other U.S. cities is its desert scenery, unique flora and fauna, and many natural attractions spread across the entire territory. 

Phoenix provides fun and games all year-round. You get to enjoy the outdoors every single day because the Valley of Sun doesn't see snow or get very cold. Exposed to extremely hot temperatures, saguaro cactuses grow tall within the city limits, and deserts create incredible landscapes. 

Visitors from around the world travel to Phoenix to admire its different kinds of cactuses, desert animals, and beautiful natural sites. They also enjoy a developed metropolitan area that is home to many museums, shops, and restaurants. Phoenix is a unique mixture of natural and cultural attractions, and it has something to offer everyone. 

The city also welcomes a large number of RVers from all parts of the United States. They are drawn to the weather, natural landscapes, and recreational opportunities. Also, most RV rentals in Phoenix are conveniently situated near popular destinations, and they provide comfortable campers and travel trailers at low prices. 

Popular RV Destinations in Phoenix

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain is one of the most visited sites in Phoenix. It's named after the two summits that resemble the hump and head of a kneeling camel. One of the summits stretches up to 2,705 feet and provides amazing views and is perfect for rock climbing. 

Outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world test their skills and enjoy recreational activities at the Camelback Mountain Summit. The mountain is well-known for its variety of walking and hiking trails, especially the Cholla and Echo Canyon trails. 

Plus, the mountain offers a colorful mixture of red, orange, and pink rocks. All the cliffs, domes, caves, and crevices are incredibly beautiful and fun to explore. Nature lovers also find many unique plants and animals at the mountain.

Papago Park

If you take a ride through the downtown area, you'll find Papago Park near the Salt River. It's one of the most popular parks in the city that accommodates two other attractions: the Phoenix Zoo and the Desert Botanical Garden. Because of its exceptional hiking and walking trails, the park is perfect for sportspersons and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Papago Park also has picnic areas, several small lakes, a fire museum, a baseball and softball complex, a golf course, and other recreational attractions. Hole-in-the-Rock and Hunt's Tomb, the pyramidal tomb of Arizona's first governor, are also must-see places within the park. 

There are many things to check out in Papago Park, from unique rock formations to sports fields. That's why it is so popular among outdoor enthusiasts and campers and is usually full of visitors all year-round.

Desert Botanical Garden

The Desert Botanical Garden is located in Papago Park and consists of 140 acres. With more than 50,000 different plants, it's one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Phoenix. 

The garden was founded in 1937 and continues to grow. It's home to many rare, threatened, and endangered species you won't find anywhere else. Visitors also enjoy the rich collections of agave and cactuses, common Arizona plants, which are protected from the sun in shade houses. 

If you're planning a trip to Phoenix, don't miss this garden, which has so many unique and beautiful plants. You can also attend specialized tours and lectures on desert landscaping and horticulture. 

Taliesin West

Taliesin West is a UNESCO World Heritage site and National Historic Landmark located below the McDowell Mountains in Scottsdale. It was the winter home of Frank Lloyd Wright, who was famous for organic architecture. 

Wright believed in designing structures that would be harmonious with humanity. He was deeply connected to the desert, which you can see in the structure of his winter home. He used the home as a study, which became internationally famous. 

Today, Taliesin West is open to the public throughout the year and has a large number of tours. Visitors can explore different designs, styles, and techniques, and admire the unique setting of Wright's house. 

Old Town Scottsdale

If you're looking for some entertainment in Phoenix, you should check out Old Town Scottsdale. It's a colorful city area that is fun both during the day and at night. From dining and clubbing to shopping, Old Town Scottsdale has everything you need for an enjoyable stay. 

The best thing about this district is that you can explore it on foot. You can see everything from jewelry stores and luxurious shops to all kinds of museums without having to start your vehicle. Also, Old Town Scottsdale has some of the best meals and desserts in the country, which makes camping even sweeter. 

Events and Entertainment in Phoenix

Arizona State Fair

The Arizona State Fair takes place every year at the Arizona State Fairgrounds. With many shows, concerts, food booths, and other attractions, it's one of the most popular fairs in America. Over a million visitors enjoy the Arizona State Fair each year. 

It's the mixture of different events and attractions that makes the fair so popular. Children love the carnival rides and games, and adults enjoy nightly concerts, monster truck shows, the rodeo, and much more. 

The fair features something for everybody. It's on the top of the list of must-see destinations in Phoenix for the entire family. Also, the fair is designed to provide easy access for vehicles, a large parking area, and everything else you might need for an enjoyable stay. 

ArtFest of Scottsdale

ArtFest of Scottsdale is one of the top festivals in the Phoenix area. Each year, it welcomes more than 150 artists, musicians, authors, and chefs. From food to music, visitors get to enjoy many things at the event. 

The festival is not just about arts, crafts, and music, although it does provide these enjoyable experiences. Both children and adults are encouraged to try culinary specialties, play games, and search for souvenirs in unique shops. The festival is usually held at the end of November on the weekend before Thanksgiving. 

Campgrounds and Parks in Phoenix

White Tank Mountain Regional Park

The White Tank Mountain Regional Park is located in Maricopa County on 29,271 acres. It's a large area that encompasses desert and mountain landscape and features many recreational activities for outdoor enthusiasts. 

The White Tank Mountain Regional Park is famous for a developed network of hiking trails, some of which extend to 26 miles. Visitors can walk, bike, or climb their way through the wild. The park has some breathtaking views, especially during the night when the desert reflects under the dark sky. 

The park has around 40 available sites for tents and RVs. It has a convenient parking lot and all the necessary amenities, from hook-ups and water to picnic tables, grills, and fire rings. Overall, the campground is neat and well-equipped, providing an enjoyable stay for all its guests.

Lost Dutchman State Park

The Lost Dutchman State Park is one of the most popular destinations in Arizona. The park is named after a legendary gold mine that is allegedly located somewhere in the southwestern United States. A lot of people go to this area every year to search for the mine, while others travel there to enjoy the beautiful natural landscape. 

The park fills up with visitors who enjoy the peaceful setting and the view of the open skies. It’s also a great spot for hiking and biking trails and exploring unique flora and fauna. Also, there's a campground in the park that has 134 sites and related necessities.

Covered Wagon RV Park

Those who want to be close to the Phoenix metropolitan area enjoy Covered Wagon RV Park. It's very close to the city center yet not far away from natural attractions such as Phoenix Mountain Preserve and Camelback Mountain. Visitors can easily navigate to the natural and urban areas. 

The park is located near the highway and is easy to access. It's a family-owned business that has created a friendly environment for all its visitors. The campground has about 52 sites with hook-ups, water, electricity, and other amenities. It's well-equipped and highly popular among campers. 

RV Storage and Dumpstations in Phoenix

It's good to have a list of reliable RV storage spaces while traveling. You might need to park your vehicle somewhere, and storage facilities offer the best security. Luckily, Phoenix has many places within the city limits. 

  • Deer Valley Mini & RV Storage Phoenix, W. Adobe Drive
  • Budget RV & Self Storage, W. Indian School Road
  • R V Hideaway Storage, E. Mohawk Lane
  • Premier RV & Self Storage, N. Black Canyon Highway
  • North Phoenix RV Boat Storage, N. 19th Avenue

Another thing you'll need while staying in Phoenix is a list of dump stations. Below are several facilities you can use for disposing of waste when you’re camping in the city. 

  • Bell Road RV Center, E.Bell Road 
  • Flying J Travel Plaza, West Latham Street
  • Pecos Storage, E. Pecos Road 
  • Covered Wagon RV Park, N. Black Canyon Highway
  • RV Hideaway Storage, E. Mohawk Lane


1. What are RV rentals?

RV rentals work just like any other vehicle rentals. They allow you to get an RV for a certain period and enjoy all its benefits while traveling. It's easier and more cost-efficient than maintaining your own vehicle all year-round.

2. How much are RV Rentals?

Motorhome rentals in Phoenix cost between $75 and $150 per night for small to mid-sized vehicles. Extra-large ones might cost up to $300 or more per night. However, prices can vary depending on the location, the number of people, and included amenities. 

3. Do I need to be a certain age to rent an RV in Phoenix?

Most states require you to be at least 25 years old to rent an RV, and Arizona has the same policy. Some RV rentals companies might allow 21 year olds to rent vehicles, but they also might charge extra for added insurance. 

4. Do I need insurance when I rent an RV?

Yes, you'll need insurance to rent an RV in Arizona. It's meant to cover the vehicle in case of an accident and is mandatory in most states. 

5. Do I need to return my rental RV with a full tank?

Although it’s not a rule, most trailer rental owners and companies in Phoenix will expect you to return the vehicle with a full tank of gas. The fuel should be at the same level as when you got the vehicle.. 

6. Are RVs pet-friendly in Phoenix?

Many RV and camper rentals in Phoenix are pet-friendly, and there are even vehicles specially designed for accommodating animals. Still, it’s important to double check the policy before renting a particular vehicle.