Discussing Porsche’s New GT3 From The Geneva Show Floor

Hear what Porsche executives have to say about the new GT car, and tease the next one coming down the line

byBradley Brownell| PUBLISHED Mar 9, 2017 12:49 PM
Discussing Porsche’s New GT3 From The Geneva Show Floor

In case you needed any more excuses to check out Porsche's newest member of the GT family, Porsche keeps popping out new videos featuring the GT3. The naturally aspirated thrill ride that is possibly Porsche's best 991 variant yet launched continues to keep us enthralled. Here are three short videos that show a more clear picture of what the GT3 is all about. There's Porsche history here in this car, now the fifth generation of GT3. Each car continues to improve on the 993 GT3's original ethos, ever marching forward in search for faster lap times while retaining street drivability. 

From the show floor, Porsche execs give you their take on the new GT3. It's likely scripted, and obviously follows the corporate lines, but based solely on what we know of the GT3 already, it seems like it's on the right track. More downforce without adding drag. New engine, based on the GT3 Cup car. Now available with a 6-speed manual. We've heard it all before, but it's worth reiterating, we suppose. 

This second film touches on the car's origins at the Porsche test facility in Flacht. With all that time spent on the track, you'd expect it to be quite good on a track, yes? This small town in Germany fits all of your stereotypes of small towns in Germany. Flacht is the sleepy town with hard working folks that focus on details and show up on time.  

Speaking of details, what is this thing under the car cover at the very end of the video? It's the second time Porsche have shown it to us. Is this the new GT2? Is it a new GT3 RS? We're dying to know. The boss man with the iPad here says "Weiter geht's", which is basically the German way of saying "back to work". Interesting, to say the least. 


This final video pushes to strengthen the connection between the GT3, and its GT-family lineage. Here you can see the car on track with all of its older brothers as the technical information of the new car is displayed virtually. You might learn a few things, but even if you don't the new car sounds great.