Nonstop Porsche 911 GT3 Action At The Nurburgring

Twelve minutes of GT3 flybys is twelve minutes in heaven.

YouTube user Gumbal trekked out to the Nurburgring during a tourist day to capture video of as many GT3s and GT3 RSs as humanly possible. The goal has been met and the operation was a success, as this video contains nearly a dozen minutes of flybys and revs and generally exciting action both on and around one of the greatest race tracks in the world. This short video is worth watching just for the exhaust notes alone. There are Porsche GT3s of every watercooled generation, including the rare and elusive 996 GT3RS, a personal favorite of mine. If you can make it through this video without getting a little excited, then I’m not sure you’re a Porsche fan. 

Driving the Nurburgring is a longtime goal of mine, and there is no better way to drive it than in one of Porsche’s famed RennSport models. If I had to pick just one car to enjoy that track with, it’d be a 997.2 GT3 RS 4.0 Liter. What a spectacular day of driving that would be.