Polizei Report 007: Failed Penis Transplants, “A Complete Timeline for Self-Driving Cars?”, Icahn vs. Apple/Didi, Earpiece Translators, US Army Loses Tank Face-Off

M1 Tank
Greg Smith/Corbis via Getty Images

Doctors performed the world's first successful penis transplant? Sports car companies have been performing failed transplants for years. (Gizmodo)

I disagree somewhat with this "Complete Timeline to Self-Driving Cars" but I highly recommend reading it for yourself. A lot of heavyweights chimed in here. (Recode)

"This Apple/Didi deal makes Icahn's investment in Lyft stand out even more. It's quite unusual for him. Curious about the backstory." (Neil Cybart)

I totally want an earpiece translator. Totally. They're going to need some money to make it happen, though. A lot of money.

Is Greenwich, England the new Mountain View? (Gizmag)

U.S. Army loses tank face-off. Practice. Thoughts on this, Tyler? (Washington Post)