Watch a Semi-Truck Defy Physics, Set a World Record for Two-Wheeled Driving

Don’t try this at home—or on the highway.

byLewin Day|
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Driving a car on two wheels is a popular stunt. Doing the same with a semi-truck is impressive on a whole other level. Italian stuntman Marco Davide Giony has the feat under control though, as he recently set a world record behind the wheel of his heavy hauler.

The 43-year-old stunt driver secured himself a Guinness World Record for his abilities behind the wheel of his Renault semi-truck, known in Europe as a "heavy goods vehicle," or HGV. Giony was able to pop his truck onto two wheels using a ramp, guiding it through a gap just 380 centimeters (12 feet, 5 inches) wide.

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It bears noting that, on four wheels, the truck could easily pass through the same gap without issue. Regardless, the record was awarded for the "tightest gap driven through by a HGV on its side wheels."

Driving from the left-hand side of the vehicle, Giony chose to pop the right-side wheels into the air during his attempts. To secure the record, the truck was required to pass through the gap without touching any of the side barriers. Additionally, the truck had to be driven at least 10 meters and then brought to a stop without rolling over.

Setting the record wasn't all smooth sailing. A first attempt failed as Giony veered out to the left, taking out several barriers in the process. The second run saw the truck spear off to the right, again failing the feat. The third time was the charm, with the truck cutting a much straighter line through the barriers and touching down on all four wheels. Footage captured from the vehicle showed the impressively steep angle at which the truck was tilted, with the wheel rims almost scraping the ground at times.

“I’ve still got the adrenaline rush and my hand feels weak,” said Giony immediately after the fact on live TV. His attempt was filmed for Lo Show Dei Record, an Italian TV show concerning Guinness World Record attempts. Giony noted that a smooth foot on the accelerator was key to avoiding the excessive wobbles that spoiled his first two attempts.

Driving on two wheels is seldom included in driving tests for truckers, making Giony's skillset relatively unique. In any case, the benchmark has been set, and it looks tough to beat.

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