Vettel To Make Red Bull F1 Comeback at Nurburgring Show Run

The four-time F1 champ will join Daniel Ricciardo at the Green Hell this September.

Four-time Formula 1 champion Sebastian Vettel will get back into an F1 car for the first time since announcing his retirement at the end of 2022. The popular German will partake in the Red Bull Formula Nurburgring event come Sept. 9, which will see him join former teammate Daniel Ricciardo in a series of exhibition runs in F1 cars powered by environmentally sustainable fuel.

Vettel is expected to reunite with his former championship-winning race car, the RB7, which he famously nicknamed “Hungry Heidi.” According to the event’s website, the one-day event promises multiple F1 runs through the Nordschleife, including the “Adenauer Forest and the tricky Caracciola carousel.”

Due to Vettel’s passion for sustainability, the cars will be powered by synthetic, carbon-neutral e-fuel, which Red Bull claims performs equally as well as traditional racing fuel.

“Motorsport is my passion,” said Vettel on social media. “It’s vital to me to demonstrate that racing cars can perform equally well and rapidly on synthetic, such as CO2-neutral fuel. This is no longer a future concept; it’s happening right now.”

Daniel Ricciardo had already been confirmed for this event, making it a must-attend for any Red Bull fan. Now, with Vettel’s confirmed attendance, it seems a no-brainer to witness such a special event in the flesh. If you live in the vicinity or don’t mind hopping on a flight to witness a truly one-of-a-kind event, you can find out all the details here.

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