Prep for Your Next Quarter-Mile With Hoosier Tires and Deals From Walmart

Now that drag-racing season is here, we’re getting ready to improve our times. Are you properly outfitted?

byHank O'Hop|
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Hank O'Hop

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Drag racing season is upon us. As more tracks open up for the year, you're getting more about getting everything ready to go. We can't know what you're taking to the track, how it's getting there, and what you need to get it done. There are too many variables. There are some odds and ends, however, that everyone needs to take along when they're trying to shave down those ETs. In order to help alleviate your financial pain, I tracked down a few deals. 

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Performance Tool Five-Gallon Air Tank

Not everyone can run a compressor in the pits, and it sucks to always have to ask others to use their stuff. Even if everyone is cool and willing to lend a hand, it's better to handle things yourself, especially when it comes to simple things such as setting tire pressure. Thankfully, you can snag the Performance Tool Five-Gallon Air Tank over at Walmart for $46.38. 

Hoosier Drag Radial 2, size P225/50R-15

Speaking of tires, you're going to need a set. These aren't on sale, but the price is nice. Plus, you can't go wrong with a set of Hoosiers. Over at Tire Rack, you can grab the Hoosier Drag Radial 2 for $261.68 apiece. It's worth considering even if you've got a set. Nobody knows when that second set is going to come in handy.

VP Racing Fuels Five-Gallon Motorsport Utility Container Camo and Hose (two-pack)

Even if EVs are pretty quick, most racers are still going to need good old-fashioned fuel to get the job done. But just like the fuel within, containers can get stupidly expensive. Right now, you can grab the VP Racing Fuels Five-Gallon Motorsport Utility Container Camo and Hose (two-pack) at Amazon for $64.99. 

Sportsman Gasoline Portable Generator

Every year, you bug your buddy about his generator. Even though you put more hours on it than they do, you can never get them to entertain the idea of them selling it to you. You can snag the Sportsman Gasoline 4000-Watt Portable Generator for $329 at Walmart. It's got more than enough juice to power a few lights, and you won't need to worry about going through the song and dance between seasons. 

Check the list below for more deals that might come in handy this race season.

Moroso Tire Gauge for $53.90 at Amazon

Competition Engineering Rear Drag-Race Shock for $52.99 at Amazon (fits Fox body)