Watch Thieves Use a Toyota Tundra as a Battering Ram in a Gun Store Robbery

The thieves stole tons of guns and ammo before burning the getaway truck.

Zephyrhills Police Department/Facebook

Thieves don’t tend to be the brightest people in the world, so hearing that some criminals in Florida drove a lifted Toyota Tundra through a gun store isn’t too surprising. As you can see via CCTV, four daring thieves robbed a gun store in exactly 31 seconds, walking away with plenty of guns and ammunition.

According to police, the bold thieves are still on the loose and are armed. There are few things more terrifying than combining reckless behavior and guns. Zephyrhills, Florida Police Department is currently offering a $2,500 reward in the aid of capturing these criminals and hopefully taking the stolen guns off the street.

Once the brazen bandits were done with the lifted Toyota Tundra, they drove it approximately a mile away from the crime seen and torched it, Daily Mail reports. To add to their reckless behavior, they left ammunition in the vehicle, endangering firefighter initially attempting to extinguish the flames, according to the report. Due to the obvious danger, emergency personnel decided it would be wisest just to let the truck burn.