Watch Clueless Fast & Furious Fans Experience the Film’s Stunts

What Fast & Furious fan wouldn’t love riding a muscle car while crashing through stunt props?

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Mar 31, 2017 1:32 PM
Watch Clueless Fast & Furious Fans Experience the Film’s Stunts

It's pretty much any Fast & Furious fan's dream to do the stunts and drifts they've witnessed on the big screen. So naturally, most F&F lovers would happily oblige to ride in some highly-modified sports cars while crashing through storefronts and scaffolding. In a YouTube ad for Comcast's Xfinity internet service, two fans were awarded that ride of a lifetime...but they apparently had no clue what was happening.

According to a press release from Xfinity, the commercial features two of its customers getting a ride in two of the stunt cars that were used in The Fate of the Furious. The video starts out with two people in the stunts cars watching the upcoming iteration of the F2F series on a wall-mounted screen. But what the passengers of those cars don't seem to know is that the guys behind the wheels are the stunt drivers from the actual movie, and they're about to put them through a wild ride. 

Xfinity partnered with Universal Pictures to make this ad happen. Though the commercial is pretty much for the internet service—stick around to the end of the film to see the awkward tag line—almost everything you see in the clip is pure Fast and Furious. 

"Rather than trying to explain how fast Gig-speed is, we showed it, capturing two lucky customers on the most fast-and-furious ride of their lives," said Sherri Davis, Xfinity's senior director of brand experience, in a press release.

Well, we're not completely with you guys on the connection between The Fate of the Furious and internet speeds, but thanks anyways for the neat videos, Comcat.