Stoned Assembly Line Workers Cost BMW $1 Million in One Day, Report Claims

The employees collapsed on the assembly line and shut down production for 40 minutes. 


BMW was forced to shut an assembly line down for 40 minutes on March 3—reportedly costing the company more than $1 million—after two drugged-out employees got high and collapsed while working, Bild reports. 

The workers, who were assigned to the exhaust assembly area in the Munich factory, both reportedly smoked a joint in the locker room before attempting to get to work on the factory's evening shift. One of the employees also had a high amount of alcohol in his or her's system, and the other was also under the influence of amphetamines, the report said. 

After collapsing, one of the workers had to be taken to an off-site medical facility, Bild reports. 

Following the incident, one of the employees was fired, and the other was transferred to a different position, the report said. 

Because apparently it isn't obvious enough for some folks, let us remind you that getting seriously zonked when you're supposed to be working is not a good idea. Especially when your mistake might end up costing your company more than $1 million.