Watch Volvo Attempt to Destroy Its New XC60 Crossover in Crash Tests

Volvo really wants its XC60 to keep its occupants safe.

Part of making a safe car requires testing to make sure how safe it actually is. Volvo is a company that prides itself with how protective its cars are, and to make sure its models are truly up to the task, it puts its entire lineup through relentless  crash tests. That's exactly what's happening in these videos with the new XC60. 

The XC60, unveiled Tuesday at the Geneva Motor Show, is packed with active safety equipment and can be equipped with a 407-horsepower hybrid powertrain that should be able to get it out of most troublesome situations. Unfortunately, sometimes there's just nothing that can be done to avoid an accident, and that's why today's cars are built to withstand crashes.

A series of videos shows just how prepared the new XC60 is when the going gets tough. In case you were wondering, our favorite is by far the rollover test video.

Check the clips out below.