Front End Loader Nearly Decapitates Unsuspecting Driver in China

There is a reason why certain construction equipment is banned from public roads.

Liveleak Viewer/Youtube

The internet has led us to believe that China is full of unexpected events at every turn and this short video proves the common belief is accurate. Dashcam footage shows a car traveling down a two-lane highway in an unknown province of China when a front end loader appears in the distance.  Within seconds, the front-end loader is right in front of the small sedan and a disaster becomes inevitable. The heavy-duty piece of construction equipment barrels into the car and the dashcam is violently tossed from the windshield.

When the video cuts, you expect to see a decapitated head or a white sheet (covering a body) but that is not the case. From what we can tell, the bucket was just high enough to clear the roof of the sedan and not serve as a horizontal guillotine. The loader did manage to mount itself on top of the sedan but some how no one was injured. Maybe next time the loader operator will use more caution when driving on a public highway.