Escaped Ostrich Tears Down a Chinese Highway

Animals do not belong on highways. Someone tell the big bird.

byAaron Brown|
Escaped Ostrich Tears Down a Chinese Highway

The ostrich is a majestic beast. Long legs, a towering neck, wings, and a top speed of around 43 miles per hour. It's not just a bird, it's like a moving land jet. But with those speeds, Ostriches do not belong on roadways, but don't try telling that to this bird in China. 

A rogue ostrich stunned motorists Saturday as it made its way down a highway in the Gansu Province of China, according to a video shared on Friday on the People's Daily, China YouTube channel. 

By the end of the video, the escaped Ostrich managed to return home and can be seen eating from a massive food bag—the bird living its best life. 

There's just something about a big ol' bird running down a highway that makes us tear up in laughter. Watch the video below, and please ignore (or enjoy) the silly soundtrack attached to the clip.