Epic Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Stunt in Detroit Ends, Predictably, in Awesome Crash

There's a reason the actual TV show went through so many Dodge Chargers.

YouTube / MLive.com

Legend has it that the seminal early 1980s TV show The Dukes of Hazzard went through between 250 and 320 different Dodge Chargers mocked up in the orange-and-Dixie livery that marked them as the General Lee. While the true number is likely known only by God and the Duke boys themselves, it's beyond question that the Southern-fried CBS show took a decent-sized chunk out of the number of second-gen Chargers in America.

Not that you need to pin down John Schneider the next time you see him at the county fair to confirm it. Instead, just watch this clip of a Dukes of Hazzard-inspired stunt in downtown Detroit from last Friday, which shows—with a camera phone's unedited specificity—exactly the sort of crash you wind up with when you launch a 1960s-era muscle car through the air on a parabolic arc and try to set it down on a paved road.

According to Michigan-area news site MLive.com, the epic retro stunt was executed to kick off Detroit's 67th annual Autorama car show  67th by stunt driver Raymond Kohn, a member of the Northeast Ohio Dukes—a group of performers who not only put on a live-action Dukes of Hazzard stunt show, but who offer their services for parties and weddings in the broader Ohio area. 

(Look, this is a country with thousands of people who dress up in 19th Century clothing and reenact the bloodiest battles of the Civil War for fun. Is this that much weirder?)