Ford Unveils Clever Honeycomb-Inspired EcoSport Cargo Shelf

The six-pound cargo shelf can hold nearly 700 pounds without bending.


Little innovative features sprinkled throughout a new car can be like a scavenger hunt. Rather than making us poke around, though, Ford has released a video of a clever piece of storage equipment featured in the upcoming EcoSport compact SUV.

When space isn’t plentiful, it is important to be creative when configuring cargo storage. Fortunately, Ford figured out a way to store delicate items as well as heavy loads at the same time. This three-foot-by-two-foot shelf was designed with a honeycomb-like interior for maximum loadbearing ability while remaining light weight. The shelf weighs only six pounds and is made of recycled cardboard, but can hold nearly 700 pounds without breaking. This is important, as the small cargo space may force owners to stack items they would normally place side by side in a larger vehicle.

It is still unclear what the exact engine configuration of the new SUV will be, but Autoblog reports the EcoSport will either come with 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder or a 2.0-liter four-cylinder—the former with front-wheel-drive, the latter with AWD.