Los Angeles Has the Worst Traffic on Earth

No surprise to Los Angeles residents, this bold statement comes from the INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard.

byMax Goldberg|
Los Angeles Has the Worst Traffic on Earth

Los Angeles is the hub for many of the dramatic arts in America, but no one is being overdramatic when it comes to the city’s traffic issues. INRIX just named L.A. the most traffic-bound city in the world out of 1,064 cities evaluated. 

According to their report called the Global Traffic Scorecard, L.A. commuters spend an average of 104 hours per year sitting in traffic. That's a whole lot of books on tape or awkward car rides with your office carpool.

Los Angeles Drivers Spend An Average Of 104 Hours Per Year in Traffic

INRIX also indicated that the United States is the fourth-most congested country on Earth, with five cities in the top 10 list. The scorecard also indicated that New York (The Drive’s home base) is the third-most congested city, with 89 hours of traffic a year. Now although that is approximately 0.34 hours per day (if you worked five days a week, every week of the year), this is just an average; we are sure many commuters are hit with much higher numbers due to a longer commute.

Do you have a traffic horror story? Share it in the comments section below. And or those of you who have an easy commute…take us with you.