Callaway’s Corvette AeroWagen Shooting Brake Breaks Cover at Last

Ever wonder what a C7 Chevy Corvette would look like if it wanted to be a Ferrari FF? Thanks to Callaway, wonder no longer.

byWill Sabel Courtney|
Callaway’s Corvette AeroWagen Shooting Brake Breaks Cover at Last

The Chevrolet-minded mavens over at Callaway Cars have spent the last few years teasing the world with a concept best described as car nerd crack: a Corvette station wagon called the Corvette AeroWagen. (Well, to be more accurate, a Corvette shooting brake.) Whenever news of Callaway's storage-minded 'Vette plans would break, it always seemed just a little further down the road, just a bit out of reach. The sort of thing that seemed like it might never come to be.

Well, it came to be.

The Callaway Corvette AeroWagen makes a surprise Facebook debut

On Thursday, Callaway Cars's California general manager Pete Callaway posted pictures of a very real Corvette AeroWagen at the Chuckwalla Valley Raceway in Desert Center, California on his Facebook page. According to Callaway's post, the wagonoid 'Vette was there filming an ad for Mothers, the car care product company whose name we desperately want to apostrophize.

The picture of the AeroWagen lined up alongside a more traditional hardtop Corvette is particularly illuminating, as it shows just how minor the alteration is in terms of adding room. Images of the car from front angles prove that the wagon-like tail is all but invisible to forward observers. And as one garage shot shows, the new shooting brake ass doesn't preclude popping the targa top on the C7-gen Corvette.

The Callaway AeroWagen is expected to make its formal debut in late April, at the annual Corvette Museum bash in Bowling Green, Kentucky. 

In spite of its dramatic effect, the AeroWagen requires no physical mods to the underlying car; its basically a bolt-on replacement for the existing C7 Corvette hatch. At $14,990 (plus $2,980 to have it painted to match your 'Vette), it's not cheap, but it certainly guarantees that you won't confuse your C7 for anyone else's after the Aerosmith concert.