Watch a 1,000-HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat Destroy Its Axle at a Drag Strip

There are also some serious burnouts.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Jan 30, 2017 12:57 PM
Watch a 1,000-HP Dodge Challenger Hellcat Destroy Its Axle at a Drag Strip

If there's one car that comes off dealership lots drag-race ready, it's the Dodge Challenger Hellcat—mostly because it's about as muscley as a muscle car gets today  (what with its 707 horsepower supercharged V8 sending powers to the rear wheels and all). But that doesn't mean it's the perfect drag car—or that it will continue to hold up when you push its power output up and do numerous drag launches. You'll see what we mean in this YouTube video below.

A video shared to the "BigKleib34" YouTube page shows a modified Challenger Hellcat with drag tires attempting a drag launch after a hefty burnout. Unfortunately for the owner of the muscle car, it doesn't make it very far down the strip. 

Right as the light turns green, the Hellcat goes for it, but is shortly denied a run as the car jets to the right and then the left uncontrollably. Apparently, the car ate its own axle during the launch.

Not this Hellcat's first time down the drag strip.

As you can see in the video, there's a ton of rubber splatter behind the rear wheels on the Challenger, which probably means this Hellcat has done its fair share of drag launches. Not to mention the massive drag tires, the parachute in the back, and so on. Hopefully for his or her own sake, the driver will bring an extra set of axles to the strip next time.