FedEx Driver Navigates Icy California Highway With Style

Even CHP can’t believe the driver pulled off this move.

byMax Goldberg| UPDATED Jan 12, 2017 1:51 PM
FedEx Driver Navigates Icy California Highway With Style

When you find your career revolving around protecting California’s motorways, there is a good chance you will come across peculiar and often sad situations. A jack-knifed tractor trailer in icy conditions, for instance, can easily result in tragedy—or at the least, very dangerous circumstances. So when we saw this video of a trailer acting out and then getting gathered up safely, we had to give all involved a round of applause. As you can see, a FedEx driver is negotiating a fairly significant downward grade, in the snow, with a double tractor trailer (LCV). That in itself is an impressive task, but adding a locked-up rear trailer to the mix makes this drive a dance with the devil.

In this video provided by the California Highway Patrol, you can see three CHP units running blocker for the disabled FedEx truck. Maintaining a “safe” speed, the FedEx driver makes his way down the mountain until he can find a safe place to pull over. As the truck comes to a stop, you can hear one of the CHP officers rightfully say, “I cannot believe that worked!” Me neither buddy, me neither.

This hotshot trucker's driving aside, it's a good reminder to always check your brakes and trailer connections before venturing out, and to always have an exit strategy should things go south. And another side note: A hat tip to CHP’s northern divisions, as they have done a great job keeping California's passes safe during some gnarly winter conditions this past week.