Watch Yet Another Truck Get Its Top Ripped Off By the Same Bridge

This never gets old.

byAaron Brown| PUBLISHED Dec 27, 2016 10:13 PM
Watch Yet Another Truck Get Its Top Ripped Off By the Same Bridge

A truck driving through Westwood, Mass., was stripped of its roof Saturday when it struck a train bridge notorious for decapitating big rigs driven by oblivious drivers.

Surveillance video originally uploaded to the Westwood Police Department YouTube account, then taken down, then re-uploaded to Live Leak's YouTube channel, shows a box truck driving through rainy conditions before smashing into the Westwood's East Street Railroad Bridge without much hesitation, WCVB5 reported.

Just from what we can see in the video, there are at least three different signs in place that are supposed to warn drivers—specifically unaware truck drivers—of the 10-foot 6-inch bridge height. Apparently, that doesn't work out all too often. Also of note, it looks like there's actually a fire station right next to the bridge, which is slightly hilarious in some sad way.

Anyways, we're not quite sure how often exactly incidents like this occur, but if you take to YouTube and perform a search of "Westwood bridge crash," you'll find more than 4,300 video results. To prevent you from wasting your time, we've selected one of our favorite compilation videos.

Check it out.