Lamborghini to Reveal Something “Cutting-Edge” in L.A. This Month

But what will it be? We have a couple ideas.

byWill Sabel Courtney| UPDATED Jul 10, 2019 8:25 AM
Lamborghini to Reveal Something “Cutting-Edge” in L.A. This Month

When the Los Angeles Auto Show opens to the media on November 15th, Lamborghini won’t have an official presence at the show—but that doesn’t mean the supercar-maker won’t have a presence in the City of Angels. Lamborghini will apparently reveal a new car in L.A. during auto show week at a private residence just outside the city. 

Late last month, the carmaker began issuing invites to the world premiere event of “the newest expression to emerge from Sant’Agata Bolognese,” as the announcement reads. It describes the event as “an international debut of pure, powerful performance that will leave you breathless” and the car as "the cutting-edge manifestation of the inimitable Lamborghini spirit," thus reminding us that few in the automotive industry have mastered the art of P.R. doublespeak quite as well as the folks at Lambo.

The move to skip the actual L.A. Auto Show isn’t particularly surprising for Lamborghini. It’s become increasing common for high-end automakers to hold their auto show debuts off-site, away from the harsh lights and stale air of the convention center in order to better control the environment. Lamborghini has frequently done this sort of thing before at auto shows across the globe; considering the carmaker's recent decision toreevaluate its overall auto show strategy as part of the VW Group's post-Dieselgate cost-cutting measures, skipping the actual show for a house in the Pacific Palisades seems like a smart—and cost-effective—move. 

So what is this mysterious performance machine likely to be? Well, considering the prevalence of lightly-disguised Huracans bearing aggro fascia and sharp wings spotted on the Nurburgring in the last few months, and the current lack of a hard-edged V-10 variant in Lamborghini showrooms, we’re guessing Lambo will be revealing a new Huracan Superleggera. (You can check out video of one of those camo’ed Lambos lapping the ‘Ring below.) The production-ready Urus wouldn't shock us, either; while CEO Stephano Domencali has been talking about it a fair amount lately, we haven't seen a revised version since the concept landed on the scene back in 2012. And of course, there's always the chance the new Lambo could be one of the carmaker's beloved super-limited supercars, such as the Veneno and the Centenario

Then again, Lamborghini doesn't even mention the word "car" anywhere in the piece. For all we know, the company could be revealing a line of treadmills