The Ford Mustang Gets a Power Boost and Tesla Axes the 60D Model X: The Evening Rush

Plus, Chubbies is now making rad flannels.

byMax Goldberg|
The Ford Mustang Gets a Power Boost and Tesla Axes the 60D Model X: The Evening Rush

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There is no debate that Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is a fantastic show.  Unfortunately, its current distributor Crackle is on the rocks, and the show is up for grabs as Seinfeld’s contract comes to a conclusion. Rumors indicate the car-centric show could be picked up by Hulu or Netflix.

Tesla has dropped the 60D Model X after a three-month production run. The 60D allowed the electric SUV to start at $75,200; however, the vehicle sold poorly. Now buyers have to fork over $86,700 to get the entry-level Model X, the 75D.

The Ford Mustangwith the  turbocharged 2.3-liter four-cylinder is getting a little kick in the pants with a new factory tuning package. The new package will boost the horsepower to 335 horsepower; more impressively, it will kick the torque up to 390 pound-feet. That is within 10 lb-ft of the 5.0L’s torque output. Factor in the weight reduction associated with opting for a four-cylinder over a V8, and you wind up with one peppy pony. 


Once the iPhone 7 debuted, so did a flurry of new accessories. Although some are better than others, there is no arguing about the functionality of Mophie’s new magnetic case. Allowing users to utilize interchangeable backs (card holder, money holder, battery), the Mophie magnetic case is perfect for just about anyone.

Although this is far from a good excuse, people often don’t wear bicycle helmets because they can be bulky and in the way when you aren’t on the bike. Rather than counting down the days until you have a TBI (traumatic brain injury), protect your head with the FEND collapsible bike helmet.


A good flannel runs neck and neck with a dog for the title of Man’s Best Friend. Appropriate in just about every environment as far as I'm concerned, the Chubbies All In A Day’s Weekend Flannel is the perfect heavyweight for being the legend your family always hoped you would be…or for laying around sipping cider.

Luke Lamp Co. will happily take your empty beer can and transform into a beautiful lamp. Featuring a nice wooden stand, Edison bulb, and brass parts, the Beer Lamp is a great addition to your den, garage, back get the point.

Luke Lamp Co.