Fighting Cancer With a 700-hp Nissan GT-R

How Andrew Lee turned his diagnosis, and his car, into an incredible charity venture. 

byMax Prince|
Fighting Cancer With a 700-hp Nissan GT-R

Andrew Lee is 20 years old. He has kidney cancer.

HLRCC, or Reed’s Syndrome, is a rare form of the disease. It’s a genetic issue, and, because it was only identified in 2002, is underdiagnosed. To wit, Lee’s symptoms presented as appendicitis, and doctors only caught his HLRCC on a pre-op CT scan. Treatment has extended his life for, at most, three years.

This video tells Lee’s story. How he left college, bought his bucket list car, an R35 Nissan GT-R, and turned it into a 700-horsepower touring show piece for his charity, Driven to Cure. Promoting through events and car shows, the organization works to raise awareness and fund research for kidney cancer, which kills nearly 12,000 Americans each year. The idea, the car, the people behind it—the whole thing is pretty exceptional. The “F CANCR” license plate just ties it all together.

To learn more about Driven to Cure or donate, visit the foundation’s website here. Follow Andrew Lee, and his organization’s progress, on Facebook.